Dieting Tips for Women to Lose Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When Excessive Activity Leads to Weight Loss Failure

Diet Fever has hit in them-thar hills!

The gun has been fired and we're off, flying at full speed - out of the gates, running at a dead heat for the gold.

The wind's sticking its icy fingers through our hair, but we continue to run as if a giant Krispy Kreme donut is at our heels, one covered in dark chocolate and rolled in nuts.

Faster, faster, faster until.....  We're lost.  Where's the trail leading to a healthier body? Hum. Maybe we'll see it after all the dust settles.

We've been running awfully hard. And, what are those tasty looking chocolate chip cookies doing hanging on that tree to our left? Shall we have one? Or three?

This is a familiar situation for women who strike out on a fitness plan and take it too far. Almost 100% of the time, when a woman begins a diet, they do so with a frightening intensity. And we approach most things in life in this manner - with great passion, with hopes of success.

While being passionate and aggressive over many situations can render positive results, when it involves losing excess pounds it can work against achieving our set goals.

Why Aggressive Dieting Generally Ends With a Binge

On one hand, that's a good thing because if a person doesn't work to strengthen their willpower, the diet is almost doomed from the beginning. It won't have enough oomph to get off the ground.  

On the other hand, if the Woman Brain is whipping those Fat Demons to death with a leather whip, it becomes more pain than the body can endure.

Seriously, that is how we tend to be. We walk through our lives like happy little puppies, telling ourselves that we will worry about losing weight tomorrow. For today, we'll eat what we want to eat and we'll enjoy as much of it as humanly possible.

When tomorrow finally comes, suddenly, we detest the fat on our bodies. Fat that we-ourselves worked very hard in putting there. We hate it.  We want to instantly melt it away.

We go on a mind trip, inwardly chastising ourselves, and our unwanted fat, day in and day out - from the moment we begin dieting, to the bitter end. 

And when we set fitness and health goals which are too restrictive - which are far too aggressive, do you know what eventually happens with most women? We don't have a lot of patience to begin with, being the peaceful creatures that we are [cough cough], and when we don't get quick results, that patience dissolves rapidly.

Think about the last time you went on a diet. You either achieved your goals, or you quit the plan. If you quit the plan, what did you do next. Think real hard. Oh yeah, you probably went on an instant binge, making up for all the lost time - when you were on that diet that just didn't work. Bingeing is how the vast majority of weight loss plans end.

So....if we are soft about losing those excess pounds, we will probably fail. And if we are too harsh on ourselves, we will probably fail. So what's one to do?

Solutions for Losing Excess Body Fat Permanently

It's time to put away the leather whip and bring out the velvet - whip that is. Your mental velvet whip! Yes, this advice can apply to everyone - even the hairy-legged guys. 

We must be kind to ourselves, and love ourselves - even those little wicked wads of unwanted fat.  

Why?  Because if we are content we will:

- be more apt to remain on our diet

- lose weight more rapidly due to a content well-being of mind

It's very difficult to balance your mental state while dieting - but give it all that you have! Don't be too strict, especially when you first begin your diet.

Try to realize that your body has limitations, and if you push it too hard, you could very well land up in the hospital - or quitting your plan and ending up on another binge - which will result in gaining even more unwanted pounds.

Thinking of Food & Drink as Fuel for the Body

Remember - food turns into the energy that we need, which in turn operates our vital organs and makes our body work.

Most of us have our favorite foods and drinks. What might taste good to our female friend might taste off-putting to us. And it's a good thing that we have these tantalizing taste buds, because if we didn't, we'd have to force food and drink down our throats.

When we think about eating we think about the flavors and textures of our food. We appreciate the beautiful colors on our plate. And we think about consuming it based on how flavorful the food is - rather than thinking about the true purpose of food and drink.

Its purpose is not to solely erase hunger. It's to fuel the body. The more-pure the fuel, the healthier our body over the long term. The more efficient it will run. And more-likely, the longer it will run.

The Healthier Plate

Let's look at two plates. Which will best fuel your body? Which is the healthier plate? All contain the basic five food groups housed within the American Food Pyramid which are essential for a healthy body. But the plate on the right is indeed the healthier fuel - the best choice for our body. Now if we want to talk about our taste buds - most of us might choose the plate on the left. Therefore, we must put our good sense to use when choosing the foods that we plan to put into our body.

Meal Plate Containing 2,550 Calories

1 Fried Chicken Breast [protein]
1/2 cup of Cheesy Rice [grain]
1 cup of Green Bean Casserole [vegetable]
Pea Salad prepared with Mayo [vegetable]
2 hushpuppies [grain]
Slice of Cherry Pie topped with Whipped Cream [fruit, grain, dairy]
Small Vanilla Shake [dairy]
Sweet Tea

Meal Plate Containing 500 Calories

Roasted Chicken, 1/2 breast [protein]
1/2 cup of Wild Rice [grain]
1 cup of Green Beans [vegetable]
Side Salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, fruit-based dressing [vegetable, fruit]
1 Whole Grain Dinner Roll [grain]
1 cup of Whole Strawberries topped with light Whipped Cream [fruit, dairy]
1 cup of Reduced Fat Milk [dairy]
Unsweetened Ice Tea

In Summary

When attempting to lose excess body fat, moderate exercise will produce the most favorable results and you'll be more apt to remain on your fitness plan.

When meal-planning, add another element to the process by thinking of your choices of fuel for your body.


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