The Cotton Ball Diet

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What is The Cotton Ball Diet?

It's been around for decades. For years it has been used by models for dealing with hunger pains. One method involved dipping the cotton balls in liquid gelatin before swallowing. The stomach will then feel full, quelling bothersome hunger pains.

The modernized Cotton Ball Diet consists of swallowing up to five fluffy balls of cotton that have been dipped in orange juice, lemonade, a smoothie - or another palatable liquid before swallowing.

The idea is to accomplish that 'full feeling' result so that the individual can not only quell hunger pain, but also lose weight. This is absolutely a starvation mode of losing weight and there are several significant health risks involved.

Is This Diet Safe?

Absolutely not! It can cause permanent damage to the human body, including death.

If you have never seen raw cotton, it's quite dark because it gets poisoned before it is harvested. We used to live next to a field where a farmer grew this crop and when it was time to harvest, a crop duster flew in and dumped chemicals onto the crop. There is no telling the damage that was done to our health.

In addition, when chemicals are present, they have the potential to accumulate in the body - thus causing future health issues.

Most cotton balls sold in America are bleached. However, if you assume that they are made from real cotton, think again. Most brands aren't and consist of polyester fibers. Like raw cotton, they contain quite harmful chemicals.

Consuming these white balls is much like going to the fabric store, picking up a bolt of polyester, bleaching it - and then swallowing it. Sort of crazy, isn't it? And yes - people are doing this to lose weight!

Health Risks & Dangers of The Cotton Ball Diet

There is significant risk of choking as the cotton balls are swallowed. Because of the consistency of these objects, they can prove almost impossible to dislodge once they are trapped in the throat.

Then there is the issue of malnutrition due to lack of food going into the body. Man does not live by cotton balls alone.

In addition, the polyester-based balls can potentially accumulate in the gut [along with the harmful chemicals], thus causing a life-threatening obstruction which requires immediate medical attention.

Simply put, most cotton balls are indigestible. If they are not swept out of the body through the elimination process, they will bottleneck the gut. That has to hurt....

Have You Tried This Diet?

If you are attempting to lose weight using this method, please don't.

If you are a teenager, tell your parents what you've been doing so that you can get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. If you wait, permanent damage can occur OR death.

Do you really want to risk a life-threatening event when you can lose excess fat safely? Wisely? What if your gut ruptures? What if you can't be mended?

Do you want to risk having to use a bag or pouch to catch your waste for the remainder of your life?

If you are an adult using this method for losing weight, come on - you're smarter than that and should know better. Meet with your doctor who may recommend that you meet with a specialist.

Eating Disorder Association

This diet is associated with eating disorders such as anorexia. Any fad diet that utilizes starvation techniques is grouped within the eating disorder category.

While 'thin may be in' it's not always the healthiest body.


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