Low Calorie Pita Pocket Bread Recipe

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Delicious Pita Pocket Recipe, Low in Calories

Rise up in the morning with these tasty diet breads & light jams! Our pita pocket recipe is reduced in fat and calories so that it can fit into your healthy weight loss plan. It's basically a pocket of fresh and healthy strawberries.

This recipe for Strawberries in a Pita Bread Pocket makes two very generous servings for about 160 calories each.  It is a delightful breakfast treat that sets well on the tummy on a hot summer day.

Pocketful of Strawberries Recipe

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this low calorie recipe:

1 Pita Pocket Bread (often called a Kangaroo pocket)
2 Cups of Fresh SMALL Strawberries (Room Temperature)
1/2 Cup of Blueberries (Optional)
4 Tablespoons of Light Whipped Topping
2-3 Packets Splenda OR Equal OR you can opt for table sugar
Non Stick Cooking Spray
No Calorie Refrigerated Butter Spray
Powdered Sugar

How to Prepare This Pita Pocket Recipe

Spray outside of pita with butter spray or you can use butter flavored cooking spray instead.

Place in a skillet sprayed with non stick cooking spray - and this is optional; if you use a non-stick pan you probably won't have any issues with the pita pocket sticking as it is already coated in a thin layer of spray.

Allow pita to warm to a golden brown shade on both sides, then remove and place on a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb any extra oil.

While pita cools, quickly mix the berries with the Splenda. If the strawberries are frozen you'll need to allow them to thaw thoroughly. Drain any excess liquid from the strawberries.

Cut pita in half and fill with berry mixture. Add topping. Lay flat and sprinkle one side of the pita bread with a powdered sugar using a strainer as you distribute and dust the sugar on the bread. You may also choose to mix the topping and berries before filling. It simply depends upon your personal taste preferences.

Adding the blueberries (or blackberries if you wish) to the recipe will enhance flavors and add color to the recipe.

The more attractive our food, the more we tend to enjoy it. At times, even a food that is delicious will not be as satisfying if presentation is lacking.

And on the other hand, a food that doesn't taste all that great may taste exceptional if displayed in a manner that pleases the eyes.

Delicious Breakfast Diet Breads for Your Morning Table

Calories in bread varies from brand to brand - depending upon the type of ingredients used such as wheat, oat or plain as well as the recipe that is used in making the end result. The caloric content in bread is also impacted by the size of the slice.  

Specialty breads prepared with potatoes, honey and those that are extra buttery will also vary in calories - depending upon the methods of baking, as well as the caloric content of the ingredients used.

A 'normal' slice of plain bread generally contains 60-80 calories. Potato breads range from 70 to 150 calories per slice. A slice of rye bread contains 80 to over 100 calories.

Diet bread is a wonderful food that may be of benefit to your weight loss plan as some slices contain as few as 35 calories while still falling within the acceptable taste range.

Simply put, the best method for ensuring that you're putting the number of calories that you desire into your daily diet plan is to check the bread labels for caloric content.

Delicious Breakfast Diet Breads for Your Morning Table

Pitas are also excellent grain choices for lunch, dinner and snacks. For snack time, trim into several servings - or use for appetizers as a crowd pleaser for your next entertaining event.


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