Reindeer Diet De-Light
Holiday Coffee Recipe
for Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Holiday Coffee Recipe

Light up your holiday diet with a merry cup of Reindeer Diet De-Light coffee! It's the best tasting diet brew this side of the North Pole.

Delicious, easier to make than Rice Crispy Bars, economical, extremely low in calories with a teensy trace of fat - what more could one want for the holidays?

Our coffee recipe also makes a wonderful treat anytime there is a flurry of cold weather brewing outdoors.

Coffee, Minimal Calories & Heart Healthy in Moderation

Before we get to our recipe, let's make a note that  plain coffee is always your best choice when it comes to minimal calories; how many calories does it contain? Zero; you just can't get any lower than that.

And the thing about zero or minimal calorie foods and beverages is that they generally help the dieter spend a few calories simply by the energy required in drinking the beverage or in eating the foods.

The Recipe for Holiday Diet Coffee - Makes 1 Cup for 20 Calories

1 Cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee

2 Tablespoons of Non-Dairy Creamer

1/2 Teaspoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice - Finely Ground

2-3 Packets of No Calorie Sweetener OR you can opt for table sugar.

Mix creamer with finely ground spice & sweetener. Add to hot coffee. You can use the pink, blue OR yellow packets.  

Your creamer doesn't need to be fat-free, either as the caloric content difference is nominal.

This tasty diet recipe is based on using Coffee-Mate which contains 10 calories per teaspoon. The non-fat version contains only 15 calories.

Creamers, Sugar Add Calories

Calories in coffee originate from added creamers, milk, sugar, flavored sweeteners and flavored creamers. Depending on how much 'extra' you shoot into your coffee, that zero calorie diet friendly coffee could cost 200 calories or more per cup. Talk about a caffeine high!

On that note, let's review a cup of instant java that has been prepared with a serving of mocha flavored powder.

If you have ever used the powders for flavoring your brew, then you may be among the throng that requires double the recommended serving size; otherwise the beverage tastes like watered-down chocolate. The same may apply to other powdered creamers.

Here we enter the realm that we discussed above; the multiplication of caloric values.

While 60 calories in minimal for a beverage, 120 is enough to enjoy a serving of reduced fat milk or a large apple, banana, pear, half of a medium head of cabbage, two and a half cups of any variety of melon, a serving of light cottage cheese, three slices of calorie-reduced diet bread or a slice of gourmet bread - or enough for a half of a kangaroo pocket bread stuffed with lean proteins and fresh vegetables and dashed with balsamic vinegar.

Caffeine in Coffee

- Most decaffeinated coffees still contain about 2 milligrams of caffeine.

- Regular brew from grounds contains 95 milligrams of caffeine per cup AND 71 milligrams per 6 ounces.

- What about regular instant? It contains 31 milligrams of caffeine per teaspoon.

- Restaurant prepared espresso contains 64 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce.

- Instant coffee with chicory contains 37 milligrams per rounded teaspoon.


Coffee Gift Tips

Our Reindeer Diet De-Light Coffee recipe also makes a fantastic gift for friends, family & co-workers - whether they are on a diet, or not. Simply increase recipe to meet the volume of your selected container.

Cut out a reindeer and attach to the outside of the container.

Create a cute cap for your container by covering your lid with red felt.

Or, make reindeer antlers by using pretzel sticks & attaching to the lid.  

Next, create a 'face' made from fabric & felt & add to the front of the jar. Add a red pom-pom for the nose.


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