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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

About Amazing Arms

This product appealed to me because it was advertised to reduce the appearance of the upper arm - commonly called the bat wing area.

The product is designed to cover up the arms without having the bulk of another layer of clothing. Just slip your arms through the sleeves, drape the bust area around the bust and snap into place.

Now supposedly we're ready to wear those cute sleeveless dresses, shirts and blouses without flapping bat wing issues.

At this writing, I will be 60 years old in a few weeks and no matter how much I exercise, this is a problem area as age and gravity collide and cells break down quicker than in youth - in addition to loss of elasticity, so I thought this was an ideal product suited to conceal my imperfections.

Amazing Arms Cost, Extra Shipping Charges & Order to Delivery Time

Well, I was all excited about this product and placed my order within minutes of viewing the commercial on television. My order was placed on April 29th and didn't arrive until almost ONE MONTH later on May 20th [yesterday evening].

Guess it was on the slow boat from China. This was a big negative, personally speaking considering that the cost of shipping/handling almost equaled the cost of the product itself.

Let's address that cost. When ordering from most places on the web, they allow you to review the order before it is placed into their system for processing. Not so at this website.

There are two pairs of the Amazing Arms - dark [black] and light [pearl] for the price of $19.95 - which is a bit steep for something so simple, so sheer, so small. When ordering, they add on a third black lace set for free - but take note, that it's not for free as they add additional shipping and processing charges.

The total shipping and processing for three came to almost the cost of the two Amazing Arms - a whopping $13.98 bringing my total to $33.93.  If I'd been able to review the order before placing - I would NOT have placed the order. I'm on a very limited budget and this cut pretty deep.

Amazing Arms picture, broken product.Their return process is horrendous; because you have to pay for return shipping - it's just not cost-worthy to do such. In addition, at least to me - their ads are very confusing.

They advertise 'Buy one, get one free!' not 'Buy 2, get one free!'. The shipping/handling charges for the two items is $7.99; for the 'free' black lace item - $6.99.  That's quite unreasonable as the items are extremely light.

Quality of Amazing Arms, Very Poor

This is my personal rating - very poor quality. Look at the picture of one of the items which arrived BROKEN in the package upon arrival!

I had not even had the opportunity to try it on - and already, I have a flawed garment which will require me to repair it before it can be used.

In order to return for a refund, I'd only get back $19.95; I'd be out $13.98 shipping/handling charges in addition to the cost of sending back the package - and I'd have to get additional confirmation postage to boot. So, I'll have to get out my sewing machine to repair the one garment.

In addition, the sizes are EXTREMELY POOR and ill-fitting.  Take a look below for proof. I ordered medium as I knew they were made in China, and their garments tend to run small in size. The black, the pearl and the lace ALL DIFFER IN SIZE!

Again - the waist measurements vary ON ALL THREE ITEMS! The 'free black lace' has a waist measurement of 10", the pearl item is in the middle - and the black item measures barely at 11.5". Again - take note that they run exceptionally small. I am a size 4-6 and their medium size barely fits; the lace item is very tight around the bust area. If you are big-busted, the fit will be even more problematic.

Picture of Amazing Arms product.

As to support in the bat wing area, not much. I'd have more support in the upper arm area if I used a pair of small panty hose in this area - which now that I think about it, isn't such a bad idea compared to the fit of this product. The garment will not stay on the shoulder area; it slips right off! And this is just amid trying it on to check the fit. I don't see how it's going to stay in place when wearing a sleeveless garment; it will have to be attached to the bra strap most assuredly to secure.

In Summary, Firming Upper Arm Tips

Save your money. Amazing Arms are not amazing in my personal opinion. I would not recommend this product to anyone based on poor quality of the product, unreliable size as well as ill-fitting issues.

For older individuals - take note if this area is not worked on a regular basis because it is very easy to pull tendons or muscles, particularly at the beginning of any exercise.

Pain can persist for days - and new types of muscular activity may also trigger an episode of bursitis.

To perform this exercise for the bat wing area, lay on the bed with head and upper arms slightly off the mattress. You'll be positioned so as you're viewing the ceiling.

Simply stiffen the arms and raise the weights above the head, slowly moving the arms towards the floor. Repeat in sets of 10.


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