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Cells of Cellulite, Tiny Fat Containers

Written by Diet Bites

Facts, Available Remedies & How to Get Rid of Cellulite

What is cellulite?  

It's the fat in the body that is contained in cells that appear as dimpled skin, and is generally found on the lower extremities of the body (sometimes commonly referred to as 'Shirley Temple Thighs').  Although most everyone wants dimples - they certainly don't want these dimples! 

What types of individuals does cellulite target?

Almost everyone in the world! About 85% of us have cellulite. However, cellulite in men may not be as noticeable as in women due to the thickness of their skin.

Note:Cellulite appears to be especially noticeable during swimsuit season - more so by the individual who has the cellulite, than the onlooker (or admirer).

Cellulite Facts: Cellulite surges during times of hormonal rage, such as during pregnancy and puberty. Cellulite is perfectly normal and not a disease. Cellulite cures are ultra popular at the marketplace these days; most promise success in ridding these tiny fat containers from the body. Some cellulite products and techniques work to a degree, and some don't.

Cellulite Remedies & Propagated Cures

What works to eradicate cellulite? The following is a general capsule of what works, and what doesn't work in eradicating cellulite:

Cellulite Reducing Creams

Perhaps the most popular of Cellulite Eradicators but most offer minimal results that don't last when product is discontinued. So yes, some relief, although minimal. If you try cellulite creams, shop for the cheaper versions which may work just as handsomely as the expensive ones.

Natural Herb Remedies for Cellulite

Our Number 2 on the Cellulite Eradicator Chart. Herbs pose risks; they are generally accepted as a safe cure-all in the public eye, but should always be used with great caution, especially when the individual is using other medications. Herbs don't do much in the way of Cellulite Eradication.

Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction sucks when it comes to Cellulite Eradication and will make the areas look MUCH worse.

Mesotherapy Treatment

Developed in France; consists of a concoction of homeopathic medicines that work to break down and flush out cellulite from the body. Works temporarily for some individuals in combating cellulite, especially on the pocketbook as this procedure can run several hundred dollars.

Endemologic Treatment

Also developed in France. This technique consists of vacuuming and rolling the skin. This procedure may also work for some individuals in getting rid of cellulite, but again, the cost is high and the results aren't permanent.

Will Exercise & Diet Cure Cellulite?

Unfortunately not a cure although losing weight will reduce fat in the body. And when the body experiences a reduction in fat deposits, in turn the dimpling appearance will be less pronounced. The more excess body fat that is lost, the less dimpling effect.

Who is a Victim of Cellulite?

The good news? New products and techniques are being developed and honed that may offer promise in the future. Even better news? Almost everyone has cellulite!  Even beauty queens, movie stars, and your boss.

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