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Can Acomplia Assist in Winning the Weight Loss Battle?

UPDATE: Rejected by FDA Committee due to concerns of suicide risks.

There are exciting promises sparking from a new drug called Acomplia that just may be a Dieter's Cloud With a Silver Lining.  

The following articles provide information on Acomplia (the name that Rimonabant will be marketed under) that we hope will provide insight.  

Keep in mind that Acomplia is the New Diet Pill Kid on the Block and as more information becomes available, we'll post that for you.

Lower Cholesterol, The Lipid Wonder

Acomplia touts many strengths including 'body slim-down', an increase in good cholesterol numbers and then there's the smoking deterrent factor.

In regards to better cholesterol numbers, Acomplia reduced weight located in the abdominal area in the studies conducted over a two year period. Abdominal fat is a Kingpin of heart disease.

A substantial drop in weight attributed to taking Acomplia, constituted lower triglycerides, improved the HDL cholesterol levels (HDL is our good cholesterol), as well as helped desensitize insulin levels in the blood.

Another study unrelated to Acomplia involved niacin which also worked in raising HL- so until Acomplia comes on the market, you may want to talk with your doctor about the Niacin Factor.

What to expect when taking Acomplia.

Acomplia touts many strengths including the body slim-down, a increase in good cholesterol numbers and then there's the smoking deterrent factor.

In regards to weight loss, studies indicate that individuals can expect SIGNIFICANT weight loss results. About one-third of the people who took Acomplia for twenty-four months, lost five to ten percent of their body weight.

The weight that was lost in the studies was concentrated in the abdominal area - a chief caution spot for heart related disease. The individuals who remained on Acomplia were able to keep the weight off. However, the individuals that stopped taking it did regain the weight.

Side effects reported were nominal and included irritability, anxiety, depression and nausea.

Diet Pill Safety Concerns

How safe is Acomplia?  Based on studies, including a recent two year study involving Acomplia, the side effects for those individuals taking Acomplia were mild.

Some of the Acomplia side effects included: depression, irritability, and nausea. Acomplia is such a new drug that the dieter is encouraged to discuss any concerns with their health care provider.

As with all drugs, come risks. With smoking comes risks. With obesity comes risks.  Do the risks from smoking and obesity outweigh (no pun intended) the risks involved? These are questions that the dieter or smoker will want to discuss with their doctor.

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