Does Acomplia Work
for Weight & Quitting Smoking?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

UPDATE: FDA Committee has rejected use of Acomplia due to concerns of suicide risks.

How Does it Work?

Acomplia just may be the wonder drug of the future in regards to weight loss and combating smoking - two of the leading causes of death - and in their own race against one another as overeating fatalities are closely gaining on smoking fatalities - no pun intended.

In very simple terms, the theory relating to Acomplia and weight loss spins around the EC or Endocannsbinoid System which becomes over stimulated due to overeating or related to tobacco dependence.  

For Weight Loss

Acomplia works in suppressing the appetite - or cravings, thus resulting in weight loss.

For Quitting Smoking

With the smoker, it works to suppress the cravings as well, thus resulting in the ability to quit smoking - without weight gain at that. 

In Summary

Meet with your doctor to discuss the best and safest methods for losing weight and quitting smoking based on your personal health needs and current state of health.

The Update, Rejected Use

Surprise, surprise, eh? Well...honestly, there was no surprise on the part of Diet Bites. Acompli was yet another cycle of promised-fixes for bad habits that we-Americans can't shake without help.

And if you want the bald-face truth, there never will be an instant fix. We'll never be able to go to the doctor - or to the pharmacy, purchase a pill or supplement, consume or use the pill or supplement and be tobacco-free - or get thin.

Simply put, the human body won't allow such. It depends upon our metabolic process to keep things organized - to keep things balanced within the body. All supplements related to weight loss arrive in your body with the potential to do harm. They increase risk for health issues.

Even sugar substitutes.

Controlled science studies now prove that when the body ingests fake sugar, the brain is not fooled. The reaction is the pancreas shooting out insulin as it prepares for the sugar. When it doesn't arrive, guess what? The body will then-crave sugar so that it can be in balance.

If you are considering losing weight or quitting smoking, sure - your doctor can prescribe medications which can assist with gnawing temptations related to such. However, they do not come without risks. You can accomplish getting off of tobacco without them. You can accomplish losing the excess fat without them.

If you have an eating addiction, it will be far harder to overcome than a smoking addiction. Why so? Because you can eradicate tobacco from your life by simply not purchasing it. However, where food is involved, one must face it everyday of life for survival.

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