Acomplia for Quitting Smoking?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

UPDATE: Acomplia was rejected by FDA Panel due to concerns of suicide risks. Just another reason to go cold turkey rather than being a drug manufacturer's guinea pig......

Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain

Acomplia May Conquer "After Weight" Gain for former smokers.

One of the things that smoker's dread most about quitting smoking is the weight gain that follows. Many smokers fear quitting over potential weight gain so much that they choose to face health issues related to smoking rather than stop smoking.

And the risk associated with smoking is huge, from heart disease to cancer.

When we're young, we often place potential health issues on the back burner. But as we age - and we do such quite quickly, we may wish that we could go back into our past an change things. But alas, we aren't modern-day time travelers.

And once the damage has been done, there is no going back.

The reason weight gain ensues.

Nicotine works in suppressing appetite.  When appetite is suppressed, of course, the person eats less.

Nicotine works in the body to raise blood sugar levels and when eradicated from the system, hunger rears its ugly head.

Acomplia touts not only the ability to deter smoking BUT the ability to fend off weight gain once the smoker has quit.  

Since the fear of gaining weight after quitting smoking is one of the chief reasons that smokers have woes about going cold turkey, perhaps this drug offers much promise for people wanting to kick the smoking habit. 

Both obesity and smoking are two serious sharks in the Sea of Mortality and the sooner they are conquered, the better.

Losing weight might seem like a very easy thing to do from a slim person's point of view - just like quitting smoking might be from a non-smoker's point of view.  

However, these two dragons have very intense flames and it takes a real Health Warrior to win these type battles - Health Battles.

In Summary

Could Acomplia be our Diet, Smokeless Knight in Shinning Armor? Only the future can reveal the answer.

And we can see from our update above that the future did exactly that.

Acomplia isn't the cure for excess fat OR an aid to halt tobacco addiction. And that's a key word: ADDICTION.

For those that suffer from an addiction, there isn't a magic cure-all, and we predict that there never will be.....excepting for one. That being - kicking old habits with new habits.

A habit is simply another word for 'pattern'. Replacing old unhealthy habits with new life patterns can assist us in accomplishing our dearest dreams where good health is concerned.

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