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The Truth About Acne & Diet

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True or False? Acne flair-ups are a result of greasy food choices. 

False. In fact, doctors rarely ask patients to amend their daily diet as a means of reducing acne breakouts. Certain foods MAY aggravate acne, but will not cause acne. So if you've been told that it's all your fault that you've got acne, quit shouldering the guilt, because it's NOT your fault at all.

So what causes acne? Many things, such as your chemical makeup, your inherited genes, and those little fluctuating hormone levels - that tend to make teens, well...teens.

What about those over-the-counter (OTC) miracle facial scrubs? Fact is, few if any have any beneficial effect on acne.

"Girl problems" you may experience with acne.

Makeup. Manyexperts recommend avoiding cosmetics if you experience acne flair-ups.

Well, I don't think that's going to make many of us very happy; we girls live to makeup our faces, splash on perfumes, and to take lingering three-hour long beauty baths. So, life without makeup sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. However, let's not ignore this information.

What about this idea? I was at the market today and noticed a current beauty magazine on the rack. The caption on the front page was, "Use less makeup to allow your inner beauty to shine through," or something to that effect. I was a bit preoccupied with the magazine that had Tom Cruise on its front.

Nonetheless, what about trying that idea? Perhaps during flair-ups, tone down the makeup for a more natural look. If you're not sure about the look you're trying to achieve, visit the mall.

Go directly to the cosmetic counter where all those ladies are generally standing (the ones that look like mannequins) and they will be happy to give you a free mini-makeover. Why? Well, they want to pitch their products and if you like what you see, odds are that you'll buy it sooner or later.

Flair-ups tend to occur close to the 'P' word (period). So if you are nearing your cycle and this tends to be 'flair-up time' for you, then begin working on your Inner Beauty look.

"Guy problems" you may experience with acne.

To lower infection risks, try using a new razor each time you shave. And you know those stinging alcohol-based aftershaves you splash on to 'WOW' all the girls with? Try a herbal alternative such as a bit of lavender mixed in a bit of distilled water, or chamomile, or tea tree.

A facial sauna made with lavender or chamomile a few times a week may also be helpful in controlling flair-ups.

Things You Can Do If You Have Acne

Don't stress out.

Stress contributes to everything from acne to gas. Stress is a very powerful internal enemy. If you could see stress, it would look just like your worst teacher. So, if you become stressful, try drinking a cup of chamomile tea while relaxing.

Avoiding Scrubbing Skin

Do not scrub your skin. It's already inflamed so scrubbing will only worsen conditions, thereby making your face sensitive and feeling miserable.

Limit Exposure to Sun

Do not overexpose yourself to the sun. Even if one doesn't suffer from skin issues, the sun's powerful rays are damaging, causing ageing and potential risks for future skin cancer.

Over the Counter Medications May Help

Medications containing benzoyl peroxide may be of help. Zinc may reduce inflammation and aid in healing damaged skin - about 30-50 mg per day. Vitamin E, Chromium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 are all worth a second glance. Ask your dermatologist or physician to give their input on these treatments and ask for their dosage recommendations. 

In Summary

There are a lot of new medical techniques for treating acne these days.

Even if you've developed scaring, it can generally be corrected. Also, with time, scars tend to thin out and fade a bit. Acne, too, generally fades with age.

So see, you've got something to look forward to in growing old. There aren't many 90-year olds going to the doctor for acne treatment, are there?

Remember the basics;see your doctor for professional treatment & have minimal stress in your life.


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