Foods That May Worsen Acne

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Iodine, Carbohydrates & Acne Breakouts

Foods that tend to worsen breakouts include those high in iodine - such as table salt, seafood and seaweed.

Other culprits from the Grain Group include white rice and pasta.

Dairy Foods That Trigger Acne Breakout

Limiting Dairy Foods to Limit Breakout

Dairy based food selections tend to be a top offender and tends to trigger acne breakouts in many individuals. Therefore, you may wish to discuss which dairy-based foods that you should include in your daily diet with your dermatologist on your next visit.

A short list of dairy selection which commonly are associated with acne breakout include: milk, cheese and yogurt.

Other foods that are commonly associated with triggering acne include those listed in the following caloric-data chart below. As we can readily see, foods such as cheese and fast food are often rich in iodized salt.

Take note however that obliterating iodized foods from your daily diet can lead to other health issues, including goiter.

Foods Associated With Acne Breakout

Based on 1 Cup Unless Stated


Seaweed, kelp, raw; 2 Tablespoons


Iodized Table Salt - any amount


Macaroni, cooked, enriched


Macaroni and Cheese, canned entree


Rice, white, long-grain, regular, cooked


Milk, whole, 3.25% milkfat, with added vitamin D


wheat germ, toasted, plain - 1 Tablespoon


Asparagus, canned, drained solids; based on four spears


Onions, raw - per slice


Seaweed, spirulina, dried - per Tablespoon


Fast foods, shrimp, breaded and fried - 6-8 shrimp


Cheese, cheddar - per ounce


Cooking Methods Which May Trigger Acne

Foods which are fried often are associated with triggering issues with the skin. While grilled shrimp may not pose any issues, fried shrimp is an entirely different animal....literally.

In addition, foods prepared with lots of cheese, such as cheese enchiladas or pizza often contain more cheese than many Macaroni & Cheese recipes. Therefore, they may present issues with the skin.

Asparagus is a natural diuretic which simply means that it works to expel water from the body. While it can be wonderful for dealing with water retention issues, in some individuals it may serve to dehydrate. And when it comes to skin health, hydration is a vital element.

Monitoring Foods Which Cause Acne Breakouts

The next time you experience a breakout, take a moment to review the foods and beverages which you have consumed on the day of the event as well as the day before. Were there a lot of sugary choices, such as regular soda? What about oily, greasy foods? Did you eat foods which had a lot of spices?

Fact is, while doctors can be brilliant, there are numerous times when I've been ill or had a health issue and they were unable to determine the cause. Some of the time we have to do a bit of self-sleuthing.


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