Simple Plan for Weight Loss
Motivation is Key to Success

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How Many Diets Have You Been on in Your Lifetime?

If the answer is 'several' then it's time to pause and see why the fat isn't coming off permanently. Common reasons include:

1. A reduction plan that simply didn't work.

2. Depending on fad methods, supplements or pills - these methods never work to render permanent results.

3. You just got bored and frustrated with having to trim back the amount of food and drinks in your day.

4. The exercise pushed you off the cliff and back to reality.

5. You may not know the reason.

TV Weight Loss Shows - Diet Failure

If you've ever watched a show focusing on losing pounds, you have seen the dramatic results at time. But when you see your favorite star a few months or years later and they are supporting a ponch (definition: an abundance of regained fat) then you may have been struck with awe. How did that happen?

They lacked a specific type of motivation. Keep in mind that anyone can lose those excess layers! But it requires something special within in order to keep off those layers.

Stars - Popular Programs for Reducing - Failures

What about celebrity diets? We've all seen them - going on a particular program only to see them regain the weight in some cases.

Keep in mind that these stars have special trainers and dieticians to assist them; they are the guinea pigs for advertisements, right? If they fail, it's going to make the program look like a failure, right?

The Success Stories - Motivating Factor Required

Several celebrities as well as Average Joes go on to succeed in pulling off pounds permanently.

So why is it that some succeed while others lose and then experience a rebound in gaining back the fat?

Because there is something that is motivating the individual to keep off the weight. Some common reasons involved with success include:

1. Health reasons - whether to improve current health or to stave-off future diseases that are based on heredity such as diabetes or heart disease.

2. Family, children and grandchildren. Losing that unhealthy baggage can add years of life - as well as quality of life. For younger parents that are morbidly obese, it's essential that they find that motivating factor that will assist in pulling off pounds - and keeping them off. In addition, presenting a healthy eating pattern for the kids can assist in their current as well as future health.

3. Appearance; we don't know of anyone who doesn't want to look good. And when we look good, we feel good.

Weight Loss Programs, Plans - Special Dietary Supplements & Pills

At this writing the USDA reports that there are over 85,000 diet supplements on the market, the overwhelmingly vast majority unregistered which makes monitoring a challenge. While those making false claims can slip through, it's only a matter of time before they are caught. Due to the paltry penalties, dishonest people make millions selling products backed by their false claims.

While several of the big wigs vie for your money - stating why their plan is best, it's not the plan OR the diet supplement that will keep the weight off permanently. After the fat is gone, you'll still be dealing with those demons that you currently battle. And if you don't hold on to that motivating factor, the weight will creep back on - and you'll return to square one again.

In Summary

Search deep within and find a motivating factor that will keep you concentrated on losing the fat and keeping it off forever. Until you are able to do that - you'll be battling the yo-yo syndrome associated with failed weight loss plans.

For those readers who are fans of Diet Bites, you know that I lost over 100 pounds about two decades ago - and have kept off the weight. I went on numerous - dozens if not 100 or more reduction plans in order to pull off the excess. It wasn't until I discovered that special something that triggered me to lose - and to keep off what I'd lost.

For me, it was for health reasons and simply being tired of feeling sluggish, sweaty and fat.

So from the voice of experience - I encourage you to do the same. You too can experience permanent success. Start by finding a healthy plan that will assist in getting off the excess safely - and then continue to eat healthy and exercise. And only the best of luck to you!


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