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How Often Should You Weigh?  |  Weight Loss Photos: Before & After  |  What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound

How Often Should You Weigh?

Written by Diet Bites

Does it Really Matter?

Experts advise weighing once per week while many so-called weight loss gurus say less is more.

We say - hop on the scales and weigh any darn time that pleases you - no matter if you weigh yourself 10 times per day.

Whatever you do - don't let a lot of time fly by without hopping onto the bathroom scales. It's very difficult to know what the accurate reading will be - and we may find that we're packing on pounds while assuming that we're losing.

Belts, pant's and shirt tops as well as other things can assist in letting us know that we need to cut back on the amount of calories in our daily diet or we may need to purchase a new wardrobe. Not in a smaller size - rather in the opposite direction. And this certainly isn't the direction that we want to follow.

Why Knowing is Important

In fact, knowing the varying levels of your weight can help tremendously with your Weight Loss Maintenance Phase - that 'eternal phase' of managing your new, healthy recommended weight.

While I can't tell you how your bathroom scales will vary - I can give you an idea of how mine typically do:

- Weight is lowest in morning upon arising after that first void.

Take note of what you're wearing because if it's a housecoat and slippers, you may be seeing several false pounds being registered.

It's best to weigh in the buff - but if not in that form, then wearing as few clothes as possible. This will render the most accurate day-to-day reading.

- Weight may go up 2-3 pounds during the day as food and liquids are consumed.

- Weight may go up to 4 pounds more when a lot of fluids OR excess sodium is consumed. If pounds are related to sodium, it may take a couple of days (or more) for the bathroom scales to stabilize as pent-up water is naturally flushed out.

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