Confetti Cabbage Diet Recipe
Goodwife’s Honey Roasted Parsnips

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A Low Calorie, Low Fat Slaw Recipe

This is our version of a tasty slaw - something that always hits the spot during those warmer months of the year as well as those warm summer days.

Grab the grill, put the slaw in the picnic basket and once you're at the picnic grounds - grill some lean chicken, pull out a loaf of whole grain bread and a flask of sugar free lemonade - oh man, are we living or what?

This dish transports well when the Miracle Whip isn't stirred in until just before serving.

Our secret ingredient is the use of pickle juice from Splenda based jarred pickles - which is totally optional.

Splenda or any sugar substitute can be used - or a teaspoon of granulated sugar. If a less sweet slaw is desired, simply omit.

Confetti Cabbage Recipe Ingredients

4 cups of grated cabbage - any color
1 carrot, grated
1/2 teaspoon of celery seed
1 Tablespoon of Pickle Juice - from Splenda-based pickles (optional)

Add any OR all of the following to your preference making sure to check calorie content

before doing such: dried cranberries, golden raisins, dark raisins

2 Tablespoons of Kraft Miracle Whip Light Salad Dressing

, and salt and pepper if desired.

How to Prepare This Recipe

Simply mix all of the above ingredients together. This is a very low calorie recipe.

Be sure to go light on the celery seed because too much can ruin the recipe. We suggest adding 1 Tablespoon of the dried fruit to the above recipe to keep calories in check.

Tips for Your Weight Loss Plan

When you're trying to lose unwanted fat keep in mind that the process requires time and a good strong dose of willpower. If you aren't in the mood to lose and have been ordered to do such - as in the event of medical reasons, it's going to be almost impossible to succeed.

On that note, if you have to lose - whether ordered by your doctor or simply because you want to achieve a healthier body, try to keep a positive outlook amid the process.

While we can't enjoy full blown slaw with Mayo - we can enjoy a skinner version.

While we need to keep fried chicken out of our plan - we can enjoy grilled.

These little differences in the preparation stage add up to significant 'somethings' where weight loss success is concerned.

Goodwife’s Honey Roasted Parsnips

A Low Calorie Renaissance Recipes

A 1 cup serving hath about 130 calories

An entire cup of parsnips contain a mere 125 calories. Parsnips may’st be very well enjoyed in stews, in soups or as a villager would’st enjoy mashed tatters. The centre of a parsnip is a bit woody & fibrous, so after cleaning simply peel then remove the centre or the will look like an ox chewing the cud.


1 Bunch of Parsnips From the Village Market
2 Tablespoons of No Calorie Butter Spray From the Fridge

1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey

Dash of Cinnamon

6 Packets of No Calorie Sweetener

Salt to the Personal Taste  

Wash, peel & remove the woody centres of the parsnips. Slice into rings, then add salt. Next, root out the roasting tin & place on top of stove. Pour butter into pan &allow to warm.

Add parsnips & sizzle until browned on one side. Try not to disturb parsnips until one side is browned, but the will need to gently stir them about to deter burning so try to stir without flipping. When parsnips are golden, flip & brown opposite side.

Transfer to the roasting pan & sprinkle with cinnamon. Roast in the preheated 400 degree oven for about 15 – 20 minutes, or until tender. Stir every now & then. When almost done, remove & coat with the honey. Return to oven until done.

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