Weight Loss in Today's World

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When Nothing Equals Nothing

The trouble with dieting and losing weight these days is that everyone knows more about the process than ever before.

BUT when it comes to putting everything in place, the puzzle ends up unfinished. At times the dieter spends a lot of time attempting to uproot pieces of the puzzle that got hammered into the wrong spot. And let's not forget about all of those that accidentally fell onto the floor.

And dieting should never be puzzling. We need a clear path, a clear plan for anything we attempt before setting out on our journey. And that acutely applies to those things relating to our health.

Overwhelmed With Losing Unhealthy Body Fat, Underwhelmed With Diets

Perhaps there is simply so much information in Today's World that dieters become overwhelmed.

Perhaps just a few simple facts might work best - facts and ideas that can be applied to just about everyone's daily diet rather than the individual experiencing overload. "Don't do this - wait, forget that and do that. Then again, perhaps not. And where we stop - no one knows!"

But there are many things that do work. The following is one of the best tips for succeeding: Thinking, Taking Pause Before Reacting.

Weighing the risks and temptations of weight gain.

"Is the taste of food worth weight gain?" and, "How delicious is delicious?"

There is nothing quite like the fragrance and flavor of hot bread unfolding from the oven on a winter's day. Or actually - on a spring, summer or fall day. Smear on a generous amount of butter and ooh-la-la, we're suddenly in Flavor Paradise.

Add your favorite jam or preserves and oh my, we've taken our delicious bread to yet another flavorful level. Or, we can opt to take our hot bread in a totally new direction by adding cheese, and perhaps some herbs and so forth. So many flavorful options!

Other delicious common food-favorites that pop to mind include: warm cookies, vanilla pound cake, decadent chocolate cake, candies of all shapes and sizes, cream-filled bakery delights, muffins, pies, donuts, pastries - and the list goes on and on and on.

Just thinking about all the wonderful foods that can be created in today's common kitchen can trigger weight gain if those thoughts have us running to grab the goody loot. Scents can accomplish much the same, specifically those fragrant oils that appeal and beckon the appetite. If an individual is seeking to gain weight, scented oils can certainly accomplish such. Sugar cookie oil in a decanter filling the room with luscious scents can keep one running to the Dessert Pantry all day and all evening long.

But at some point, one must pause and ask, "Is the taste of food worth weight gain?" and, "How delicious is delicious?"

Sure, it's hard to justify that a common raw carrot tastes eons better than a creamy dessert. If it did, everyone would be grabbing carrots to munch on rather than cookies, candy, cakes, pies and other tantalizing desserts. Weight gain and obesity could evolve into a health issue of the past.

And although desserts are King when it comes to loaded-calorie-content - chiefly due to sugar and fat content, other appealing food favorites are also hefty in this department; gravy, oils - including margarine and butter, salad dressings, fatty proteins and cheese. Even foods that are generally considered healthy foods can trigger significant weight gain; a couple of examples include nuts and seeds.

And although the innocent carrot might not make the taste buds scream WOW, they can certainly accomplish a lot of great things for the body in the area of nutritional benefits. Of course, not only healthy carrots - but other healthy foods as well including other fresh vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy foods, lean proteins and whole grains.

So the next time you are faced with temptation and a sugar cookie beckons, before satisfying your appetite, ask yourself, "Is the taste of this sugar cookie (or whatever goody is doing the beckoning!) worth the calorie content? Could I satisfy my hunger with a healthier food choice? How many calories have I consumed today? Will this goody shove me over the Weight Gain Cliff? Is the taste of this food worth weight gain?"

Taking pause to consider the best food choices in meeting your body's nutritional needs equals a healthier body, a stronger body, a more-fit body, and a leaner body. And the choice is entirely up to you!

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