Diet & Weight Loss Supplements
May Contribute to a Hormone Imbalance

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dietary Supplements, Potential Health Risks

If you have recently experimented with diet and weight loss supplements, you may have self-created a hormone imbalance.

That's right; it sounds a bit like the Frankenstein monster, doesn't it - and for good reason.

Many weight loss supplements target the metabolism, speeding it up in an effort to force the body to drop pounds.

The Frightening Side Effects

Many individuals experience uncomfortable, and sometimes alarming side-effects when taking weight loss supplements - from a racing heart to panic attacks.

Some individuals may actually feel like their heart is going to literally beat out of their body. Amid this phase, blood pressure may rise to life-threatening levels, requiring emergency attention.

Highway Robbery

So how do these snake oil salesmen get away with highway robbery?

1. They promise satisfaction along with a money back guarantee.

Trouble is, it generally costs more in shipping and handling charges to return the unused product than the refund. In addition, there are horror stories in the news about individuals who keep getting billed over and over again for the product on their credit cards.

Some of these supplements are shipped on a month-to-month basis - and it can be like pulling nails in order to get the billing stopped.

2. Because so few returns are in the mix, in the meantime they rake in the millions, laughing all the way to the bank. And when the government does step in - the penalties are very low in comparison to the money that was made.

For example, if Supplement X makes a cool 10 million dollars, if they are fined 1 million for illegal business practices, that's not much of a penalty.

Avoid Supplements for Weight Loss

We feel that taking weight loss supplements can accomplish more worse than good in some individuals - such as making it more difficult to lose weight due to hormones that have become out of balance.

Unfortunately, many weight loss supplements treat 'unwanted fat' as a curable condition - one that can be cured via the supplements, much like doctors control medical conditions - such as high blood pressure.

Whenever the hormones are tinkered with, the risk for setting up an imbalance is ripe. Another aspect to consider is that the majority of weight loss supplements are not under the same restrictions as prescription drugs - or many over-the-counter medications.

For the most part, it's one big experiment - and guess who is the guinea pig? As a note, 'unwanted fat' is indeed highly curable but there are both safe & unsafe methods to accomplish such.

If you find that you are having experiencing any of the following symptoms, please get with your doctor for testing as hormonal imbalances can create serious health issues: tired, irritable, difficulty maintaining weight, difficulty losing weight, sleeping issues, heart racing and palpitations.


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