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How to safely maintain your new weight.  

Reached your goal weight and don't quite know where to point your pecker?  

If so, we've created this special section JUST FOR YOU to help you micro-manage your weight. We'll show you how to Pass Go, how to Stay Out of Diet Jail, and how to collect 200 sinful goodies along the way.

Well, we might have to ix-nay on the goody promise, but hey....2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Maintaining Your Weight

How to Safely Maintain Weight After Dieting, Weight Maintenance Tips

First of all, congratulations for achieving your weight loss goals. That's quite an accomplishment these days with all the Diet Boogie about us - from frosted cornflakes to frosted cupcakes.

As you soar smoothly over the Diet Finish Line you will see another lane forking off of the Old Diet Trail. The sight can be a bit tricky for the Weight Loss Achiever, for one of these trails is a circle which leads back to the beginning of your diet plan.

At first, the trail appears to be a lot of fun with tempting goodies along the way.   The post dieter freely partakes, celebrating their weight loss success, knowing that even if they regain the weight, they can lose it again. After all, that's what they just did!

In time, all the celebrating leads to packed-on-pounds with the post dieter arriving at the beginning of their former diet plan.   This is NOT the trail that the post dieter wishes to take.   

It's the other trail - THIS trail, the one that leads to a lifetime of maintaining a healthy weight.   It's not as fun as the other trail leading to diet mischief - but given the consequences, in the long run it is definitely the wisest trail.

Almost all dieters who achieve weight loss success end up regaining the weight, in addition to packing on even more pounds than they lost.   With this in mind - you know which trail that you are going to choose, right? Right!

To maintain your healthy new weight, we recommend using any of the following tried and true methods:

1. Count calories

2. Eat healthy

3. Control portions

4. Join Weight Watchers

5. Create a daily journal of your diet

6. Exercise


Need a little exercise motivation to get your toes to twinkling and your hips to hipstering? Then drag out the radio and let the music begin. Or, pull out your favorite tunes and let 'em rip.  Music will help you keep the momentum, and will help exercise time pass more quickly.

And, listening to your favorite tunes will also put you in a sweet mood. Best of all, unless you're a slow-band fan, you'll see some impressive results on your weight scales, Twinkle Toes...


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