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Answers to common questions relating to weight.

With all the information being bandied about in the World of Dieting, it can be difficult separating the bogus from the bona fide. Many times, a dieter leaves the arena more confused than when they entered.

Keeping this in mind we have posed 50 common questions relating to dieting and losing unwanted pounds. Then we went a step further and met the challenge of answering them to assist our readers in separating myth from reality.

Here is a great place to begin: Why Am I Fat?

To continue reading about content relating to this subject, the links to the additional questions are at the bottom of each page.

What do the Topics for the Questions?

Do you often wonder why you can't stop eating? If so, that's just one topic that we'll be addressing. Other subjects include how to remedy sluggish weight loss, suggestions for your exercise routine - and if you're not in the mood, we even have tips for that.

We'll take a look at the famous plateau where many a dieter has become stranded for days and even weeks at a time and we'll show how to start descending in a safe manner. At this point, it would be too sad to tumble down and get a boo-boo - or even worse, give up and go on a binge. Speaking of which, that's yet another area that we'll be touching on.

Other topics include: hunger, appetite, fried food temptation, the negative impact of sugar and fat, calories and different modes of dieting such as yo-yo and common popular fad plans that are more hype than of worth.

Those Great Expectations are Highly Achievable

One should never strike out on a plan to lose fat unless they are confident that they are going to stay with the program until their goals are met.

If you have ever worked a piece of clay, in the beginning it is very soft and pliable. But once it is allowed to remain exposed to the elements - air in particular, it starts to harden. The more that one tries to fashion the clay, the more difficult it becomes.

Such is the situation where losing pounds is involved. When we begin, things can move smoothly as long as we remain faithful to the plan's recommendations.

But if we start to bristle against such - and long for our former daily way of life, then things become much harder to accomplish. Soon, the individual will discard the plan all together if this level of resistance continues. The resistance is much like the clump of clay. The longer it remains subjected to the elements, it continues to harden and at some point, it will simply start to crumble and fall apart.

This is why it is so vital to firstly - choose a healthy plan before embarking. Next, remain faithful until the fitness goals are achieved. While doing without the same amount of our favorite foods and drinks is difficult - the result is much more favorable than starting a diet, then quitting.

In Summary

It's hard not to focus on one's current overweight condition, but when that is the situation it makes it so difficult to move forward - to actually do something about whittling off those unwanted pounds.

And it is doubly difficult when individuals are working so vigilantly, yet they seem to continually encounter new things along their fitness journey.

That is why this section was created - to assist in answering any questions you might have in this area as well as to motivate and place the focus on the end results rather than droning about the current negatives.

Knowing what to expect - or how to remedy a particular situation while dieting can make the journey so much easier.

1. Why am I fat?

2. Why can't I stop eating?

3. Why do I crave sugar?

4. Why am I losing weight?

5. Why am I not losing weight?

6. Why is America so fat?

7. Why lose weight?

8. Why can't I lose weight?

9. Apple or Pear fat distribution.

10. Why do we need fats?

11.Why do women crave chocolate?

12. Why weight matters.

13. Why children are over weight.

14. Why do I crave salt?

15. Why do carb diets produce quick weight loss?

16. Why are egg diets popular?

17. Why are tuna diets popular?

18. Why are grapefruit diets popular?

19. Why are cabbage soup diets popular?

20. Why diets fail - why diets don't work.

21. Why do people diet?

22. Why are fad diets bad?

23. Why are carb diets bad?

24. Why is health important?

25. Why is smoking bad for your health?

26. Why is health care so expensive?

27. Why is health education important?

28. Why do calories count?

29. Why exercise?

30. Why are weight loss plateaus bad? 

31. Why are weight loss plateaus good?

32. Why do metabolisms become sluggish?

33. Why are weight loss plateaus bad?

34. Why are weight loss plateaus good?

35. Why do metabolisms become sluggish?

36. Why can't I lose more weight by exercising than when cutting calories?

37. Why is my friend able to eat more than me when we are the same age and gender?

38. Why do fried foods blow me up?

39. Why choose whole grains?

40. Why are carbs bad?

41. Why does it take so long to lose weight?

42. Why do I gain weight so fast?

43. Why do I hate exercise?

44. Why do my hair, nails and skin experience damage while dieting?

45. Why are there so many different food groups in the official food pyramid?

46. Why do I feel so hungry while dieting?

47. Why do dieters commonly cut sugar and fat above all other foods?

48. Why are most versions of diet dairy products not as good as regular versions?

49. Why is drinking too much water bad?

50. Why do I yo-yo diet?

51. Fall Triggers Natural Instinct to Fatten-Up for Winter

52. Different methods in which we put on pounds.


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