Why can't I lose weight?

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Gaining Positive Results by Losing

During my record-high state of obesity I truly believed that it was impossible to lose back down to my recommended weight.

To even consider a diet was overwhelming at the time because I knew that no matter how hard that I tried, those unhealthy pounds  just wouldn't come off.

Oh sure, I'd be able to shed a few, but I knew that they would soon return.


For starters, I had a substantial amount to lose, not just 20, 30, 40 or even 50. Indeed, the situation appeared undoable. What I needed was confidence - to believe in my personal abilities. Over the years those layers of fat had cost me dearly in so many areas - not only in self-confidence but also in my own ability to believe in myself.

But where should I start? How can I best get to the place I long to be?

The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth

Fact was - it wasn't only my lack of self-confidence. Truth was, I wanted that cookie more than I wanted to lose weight. I wanted that slice of cheesecake more than I wanted to lose weight. And I wanted that roasted turkey leg more than I wanted to lose.

In order to drop pounds, I had to give up something very precious to me: the ability to eat all that I desired, when I desired and where I desired. Being at my overweight size, I freely ate anything that I wanted, and as much as I wanted - and at any time of the day, even when I wasn't hungry. I did such because I enjoyed how it made me feel; comforted - and I enjoyed the flavors. It seemed at that point that I just couldn't eat enough and that's the point in time when my bathroom scales took a huge jump.

One day, I was hit in the head by the blatant truth - that being, a close cousin to the famous but dreaded Angel of Death.

I knew that if I didn't shift gears, I'd end up six feet under sooner rather than later. And then it was very easy to want to lose weight more than I wanted that turkey leg, that cheesecake and that cookie. Yes, even the one wedged with chocolate chips and English walnuts. Pecans even.

About Achieving Success

Many successful dieters report 'letting loose' and binging from time to time. However, in my case I completely gave up the Diet Ghost. I lost the weight - and it's never coming back to haunt me.

And oh yes, it was h-e-double-hockey-sticks amid my journey. I experienced hunger pains as deep as the Grand Canyon herself. It took me about a year to get those unhealthy layers removed from my body; I still carry the battle scars - reminders that I never want to travel that road again.

In Summary

If you find that you can't get rid of those fat layers, the next time that a particular food tempts you to more than your legal dietary limit, ask yourself, "Do I want this food (or drink) more than I want to lose?" If the answer if yes, then you may not be ready to embark on this challenging journey. If the answer is no, you're definitely ready - and hang onto your hat because the ride will be bumpy as this trail is mined with tempting pitfalls. You can certainly avoid such and obtain all of your fitness goals by preserving just as I did so many years ago.

I highly recommend getting with the family doctor or nutritionist to establish a personal daily caloric allotment and to discuss obstacles that may be placed in your way along the trail to success. Although difficult, your rewards are precious and worthy of you!

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