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Time for a Well Body

Are you having difficulty drumming up a reason to lose weight?

After all, losing is a pain - a pain in the tummy due to the hungries, and in the body due to unaccustomed activity and in our everyday lives as we sweep out all that is common to us to make room for our unwanted restricted diet.

But you know what's an even bigger pain? Health woes. Stuff like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure - generally medical issues that like to afflict older adults and yes, many times those in need of losing weight who can be of any age.

Fact is, too much fluff on the tuff invites the Pain Meister into your body.

Sure, there are individuals who are in tip-top shape yet still develop health issues. However, think about how worse their condition could be if they hadn't kept a check on their weight.

Counting the Cost of Damage to Health Due to Being Overweight

But it's not only about weight. Many over weight individuals are content with the way they feel and the way that they look because they consider the trade-off is worth it all.

Enjoyment of unlimited food and drink for the mere price of a few extra pounds, and perhaps a few aches and pains such as knees that flare up from time to time, and that pesky indigestion.

But here's the catch - the BIG KAHUNA of why an over weight individual should tell those extra pounds to take a hike.

Weight gain is much like adding a cake of yeast to unleavened flour and a bit of water. At first, it just sort of bubbles.

After a while, it grows larger - then larger still. The more time that passes, the larger the flour grows until there is nothing left but a pan full of golden buns. No matter how hard a chef may try, it is impossible to turn those golden buns back into a cake of yeast and a pile of flour and a pool of water.

However, it's great to know that the same theory does not apply to people. Although we put on unwanted pounds, we can surely lose them. But again, the tricky issue is that as fat piles on over time, the thought of losing it often becomes overwhelming.

And if we continue to wait until our buns are big and golden, once we deflate them, we're left with a bunch of loose skin and "I wish that I would have's".

In Summary, Tips

So if this rings a bell, you're definitely tough enough to get the fat off; rather than thinking of it as related to an overage of food and drinks that have been consumed too liberally over time - think of those layers as a threat to your health. Get to work because the sooner than you take action, the sooner that you'll be seeing the rewards of your efforts.

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