Why are Americans over weight?
Why is America so fat?

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Living High on the Hog

More often than not, Americans take much for granted.

Whereas in many countries the goal of the day is to seek substance in order to survive, many Americans spend the day dreaming up what they can buy with their next paycheck as they sip on $4 per cup gourmet coffee and dine on powdered sugar delights.

Sad but so, we Americans tend to have our cake and eat it too. Everything is at our fingertips - from corner bakery shops to steak houses.

But it's not only the availability of food that helps in keeping most Americans overweight, it's also our fast food offerings, our personal prized family recipes - generally right out of grandmother's deep fat fryer and heavily salted, our level of inactivity, and our modes of transportation which had made walking almost obsolete.

Of course, it's not only those who have the financial ability to do what they want, when they wish - as well as eat or drink anything they want to their heart's desire. The poor are also heavily impacted and it's generally in a negative manner.

When funds are short, buying practices change. They swing towards getting enjoyment from food because it can be a cheap form of entertainment. While gourmet coffee certainly won't make the grocery list, inexpensive items such as franks, beans, potted and other canned meat as well as cold cuts often do along with bargain loaves of white bread and cheese food. The later isn't real cheese, rather a by-product that contains quite a lot of soy so buyer beware; it does pay to check those nutrition labels - and the cost between the real deal and the oil-laced cheese is not significantly different.

Although we only go around once in life, when we go around 'round', our life span may be greatly decreased. Health woes may settle in at an early age. And we may not feel inspired to live like we would have if we would have kept our weight under control.

Control, Energy In, Energy Out

It's all about control - from the choices of food that we make, to the amount that we put upon our plates.

It's all about controlling our personal likes and dislikes - whether we choose to enjoy a brisk evening walk or work the controls on our televisions and video games, or plunk out meaningless keys on the computer in a social network setting.

And sadly enough, America is out of control when it comes to weighty issues.

In Summary

At some point almost everyone who is carting around unwanted layers of fat will decide that it's time to do something about it; at times there is great success and health rewards. But unfortunately, most of the time diets fail which ends-up being so discouraging to the individual who has worked so hard toward their fitness goals.

In order to achieve a leaner America, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we're in need of some aggressive changes. But when it's all said and done, because we are a free society the burden circles back to each individual citizen.

Chiseling off the fat and shrinking down to one's ideal weight takes work - and it also takes drastic personal changes in lifestyle.

Rather than pecking all evening on a keyboard or watching the tube, getting out and being active for just half an hour per day will render significant health rewards while working to tone and shrink the body when embraced over the long term.

That's the key; we tend to expect instant results and when it comes to pounds and fat cells, it takes time for the removal process, requiring great patience.

Other areas that can be worked on include that grocery list. The two sections of the market where the shopper should spend the most time are the produce and dairy sections. Skip the soda sections, the processed meat area, the bakery and yes, the gourmet coffee...

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