Why am I not losing weight?

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A Stagnated Plan

The most common reason why an individual isn't losing weight is that they are consuming the amount of calories necessary to support their current weight.

While this is likely the cause for stagnation, it's not the only reason. Others include but are not limited to the following:

A daily diet that is too restrictive which places the metabolism into slow gear.

You can shift things upwards by incorporating exercise as part of your overall fitness plan. Don't like to exercise? The great news is that the more that you start to move the body, the easier it becomes.

A diet rich in sodium content may mask true fat loss as salt traps water within the body; water weighs heavily.

This tip is one to keep in mind before dining out at fast food and fine-dining restaurants. Why so? Because the majority of the time, salt if used to bring out the flavor of foods - and the more the merrier. To the individual who has trimmed sodium from their daily meals, a restaurant entree may be simply too salty to be palatable.

In addition, health studies across the United States have indicated that individuals living in the upper eastern part of the country tend to be healthier and enjoy longer lives due to consuming far less sodium than those in other parts of the country. Yet another great reason to use a pinch and be done.

A hidden medical condition, such as an imbalance within the body can create stagnation where fat loss is concerned. More often than not, women rather than men are impacted. It's that hormonal thing....

If the individual is dieting, they may have hit a weight loss plateau which will completely halt the progression of losing pounds, and which may also require a considerable amount of time to rectify as the body comes into balance with the healthy shifts - made so by the wiser food and drink choices as well as a higher level of activity.

The human body requires certain vitamins and minerals in order to process certain foods throughout the day - and when these are lacking in the meal plates and snack times, it will be unable to process - much less register fat loss results.

While getting ones daily fix of vitamins and minerals is best via natural foods, it's a good idea to take a multi to ensure that the body's needs are being satisfied during the weight loss phase.

In Summary

If weight has stagnated due to salt intake, allow a few days for the body to release the pent-up water. If weight has stagnated due to a weight loss plateau, allow the body ample time to adjust so that desired weight loss continues.

Remember some of story of the turtle and the rabbit? Turtle was sloth-like and he was taunted and mocked by the quick rabbit, yet he never gave up his quest to win the race. Because of such, he did exactly that.

Therefore, strive to mirror this example and there will be no stopping you. While you may think that those pounds will never go away, they will in their own good time; be patient and keep the faith.

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