Why are most versions of diet dairy products
not as palatable as regular versions?

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Fat Equals Flavor

In order to reduce calories, manufacturers are presented with great challenge.

In order to accomplish such - something must go. Generally, that 'something' is fat content.

Unfortunately, fat is quite tasty and brings a level of creaminess and smoothness to dairy products. And when fat is extracted, dairy products just aren't as tasty or smooth to the taste buds.

Alternatives to Light Products, Reducing Tips

If you find that you just can't stomach the light or fat free dairy products, indulge in the full-blown versions and allow for such in your daily caloric allotment. Generally, kcals will mirror the lighter varieties when serving size is reduced by 1/3 the recommendation.

For example, one cup (non-packed) of regular cottage cheese in large curd form contains 206 kcals while the small curd contains 220. There are also 10 grams of total fat housed within each.

The non-fat version contains 104 for both large and small curd varieties along with about 1/2 gram of total fat. If we opt for the 2% we see 194 kcals for the cup and about 5.5 fat grams. For the 1%, 187 kcals, and 2.31 fat grams.

If we enjoy 2/3 cup of the regular version (large curd), we will be consuming about 138 kcals. We're close to the values contained in the zero-fat version.

Diet Recipe for Chocolate Layered Parfait

Here is a delicious recipe that offers one serving of dairy towards your daily totals. Use real whipped cream in the light form for 15 kcals per serving.

The Recipe Ingredients
Chocolate Whipped Yogurt, single serving
1 Chopped English Walnut
Light Whipped Cream

Purchase a single serving container of the whipped chocolate yogurt. Top with a few of the English Walnuts pieces. Place a shot of the whipped cream into a clear serving container, then added a couple of spoons of the yogurt.

Continue layering until you reach the top. Add a stemmed sweet cherry if you wish for an addition 10 kcals.

In Summary

Dairy products that contain a bit more fat are better for a body than no dairy products. Reducing serving sizes of the regular selections can accommodate most healthy weight loss plans and keep values within check.

To meet the body's minimal daily requirement for this vital Food Group, an individual should consume 2-3 servings from this group.

That equals to 1 cup of the following selections: milk, buttermilk, cottage cheese, yogurt. Or one ounce of cheese or sour cream with choices containing reduced lipids when possible.

While butter and cream cheese are typically associated with this group, they are too fatty to reside in the official American Food Pyramid.

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