Why do my hair, nails & skin
experience damage while dieting?

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Negative Health Effects Associated With Dieting

While dieting, an individual generally restricts their caloric intake. Sometimes they may go a bit too far and the results can be felt and seen. A too-restrictive diet can indeed result in serious hair loss.

Skin and nails may lose their brilliance and texture due to a lack of necessary fat in the diet.

Nervous dieters may even return to biting their nails. If nails are ridged, brittle or concave there may be a lack of iron in the eating plan.

If you notice a change in your hair, skin or nails while attempting to lose, it's important to meet with your doctor to pinpoint the reason and to ensure that your fat loss plan is responsible or not. Doing such may save your mane, quell your nails and mend your skin.

Too Little Kcals to Work With

When kcals are trimmed too severely, it can become virtually impossible to fit the recommended Food Group servings into the eating plan. And when one area of nutrition is lacking, the body suffers.

However, it rarely suffers silently. It makes its deficiency known through sending us signals - some of which may trigger feeling of pain, or they may be painless.

In the case there our hair, skin and nails are involved, there is no pain or uncomfortable feelings to be found. However, we can easily see that something isn't quite right. We may go to the mirror and pull a brush through our hair and come out with a full brush of discarded mane.

While we mentioned seeing your doctor above regarding these type situations, we encourage you to do such so that they can assist in identifying hot spots in your plan that are deficient in minerals and vitamins and get you back on track with nutrition.

Also, the sooner this is remedied, the sooner you'll stop losing hair. Remember - you want to do away with pounds, not end up with the Uncle Fester look.

In addition, your doctor will also rule out other conditions that may be responsible. Simply put - your diet may not be creating these undesirable symptoms.

You may also be recommended to see a nutritionist which is a very good thing because they can assist with proper meal planning.

Unfortunately, you may not grow back a full mane - even over time. The damage may be permanent.

I am speaking from personal experience; when I went on my brutal plan and lost all those unhealthy pounds, my once-pretty hair was coming out by the brush-full. That had be racing to the doctor's office to find out what the heck was the matter.

He told me that it was likely that I'd lose more over the coming weeks and possibly month as my body adjusted, and that I would probably never get that thick mane back. Unfortunately, he was right and to this day, I remain sparse in some areas of the scalp.

In Summary

If you don't take off the fat wisely, the body has it's own sweet way of letting us know that it's not happy.

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