Why do I hate exercise?

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The Cons

If you find that you absolutely hate exercise, the reason is likely to be because it's not enjoyable.

A few more elements that can influence the way that you think about exercise include: sore muscles, achy joints, sweat, grime and the elements of the weather.

The Pros

Do you really need to be reminded that learning to love - or at least like exercise leads to a healthier body? Of course not! That's Dieting 101, isn't it?

But did you know that people that exercise on a regular basis have a larger skeletal frame? Activity also strengthens the bones and of course the muscular system.

Changing the Way You Think

So step back - far back into your childhood. Remember that time that you scaled uphill, laughing all the way as you chased after the little girl in the too-tight dress? What about the time that you hit that home run in the middle of that summer heat wave?

What about the time that you knocked out your two front teeth when you went flying down a concrete hill on your roller skates because you had your mouth wide-open and laughing so hard that you couldn't see?Fun, right? Actually, that last one really happened. I have a crooked nose to prove such.

But-but-but - all that humidity, all that hot weather, all that running and climbing about like a wild monkey living on fried bananas. How, oh how could you have ever enjoyed anything so - so - so exercisey?

The good news is that if you enjoyed it way-back-when, then you can most probably enjoy it again. All you need to do is find your sense of adventure, and perhaps that rusty pair of roller skates.

Along that line, the activity that you choose should be inline with your physical abilities. If you're young and insured, then roller skating might be the perfect choice. But if you're older and lacking insurance, a brisk walk might be more suitable.

Fitter Body, Thinner Too

While working out can create a fitter you - there is that other benefit. You know the one - it involves the caloric burn, as well as adding speed to your current metabolic rate.

Let's use swimming as our example to see how many kcals can be expended amid a one-half hour in the pool.

As with all activity, the amount of energy burned is based on the aggressiveness expended in addition to the individual's current weight.

For the individual who is 140 pounds, they will burn about 280 kcals amid the thirty minute swim. 175 pounds? The kcal burn is about 340. For those that weigh 200 pounds, 400 kcals will be burned. And the more that the individual weighs, the more calories expended.

In Summary

Take another trip back in time to your childhood. There were certain things that you enjoyed participating in - from sports to jumping rope. But if you're like most individuals, you didn't enjoy each and every activity. You probably had your own favorites.

Keep that in mind because you can use this tip as you plan your fitness routine. Picking the things that you enjoy will assure that you'll keep enjoying them in the future while picking an activity that makes you miserable will continue to....well, make you miserable.

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