Why do I gain weight so fast?

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Gaining is Easy While Losing is So Hard

Unfortunately, it takes more time to lose those extra pounds that we had so much fun packing on - than it did to gain them.

In order to drop one measly pound, we must decrease our calorie needs by 3,500 - which should be done over a period of time so that the body doesn't experience a metabolic low-down.

In order to gain 1 pound, we can easily do such in just a day. Let's take a look at how Jan gained almost three pounds in a single day by eating the foods below as she enjoyed her tropical vacation.

Perhaps Jan vacationed just a bit too much. Note that she needs 2,000 kcals daily in order to maintain her current weight.

Example Menu

Breakfast: A stack of buttermilk pancakes swimming in butter and maple syrup, topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, 2 sausage links plus 2 cups of whole milk. 2,800 kcals

Mid-Morning Snack - 1 large cinnamon roll topped with icing & nuts + 1 cup of whole milk. 900 kcals

Lunch - 3 enchiladas, 1 large spoon of refried beans, 1 large spoon of Mexican rice, 2 flour tortillas with honey & butter, 2 glasses of sweet tea + 1 small pecan praline candy. 3,100 kcals

Mid Afternoon Snack - 1 large candy bar + one 16-ounce soda; 800 kcals

Dinner - 2 fried chicken breasts, 1 scoop of mashed potatoes, 2 hot rolls with butter, 1 spoon of green bean casserole, 2 glasses of sweet tea, 1 slice of cheesecake with strawberries & drizzled chocolate. 2,900 kcals

Evening Snack - 1 pack of buttered popcorn with 3 glasses of soda; 800 kcals

Bedtime Snack - 2 cups of chocolate milk plus a chocolate eclair; 1,000 kcals

Total - about 12,300 calories

In Summary

Every little choice that we make reflects future body weight so we must choose wisely. There is no such thing as eating all that we desire and doing such without negative health results.

In addition, the later in the day that we consume food and drink, the slower the metabolic rate and the more difficult to process energy values.

This can often lead to gaining pounds because of the late evening deficiency of the digestive process, even when daily energy values are watched.

Therefore, the earlier in the day that the last meal is consumed, the better chance it has of being processed in an efficient manner. Even the metabolism gets tired at day's end.

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