Why does it take so long to lose weight?

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The Time Factor

To answer the question - because it takes more time to lose weight than gain weight.

While we can pack on pounds by eating thousands of calories per day - and for ever 3,500 of those which are consumed, a pound is born - we cannot possibly burn thousands of calories per day during our normal routine, or even through excessive activity and exercise.

Here is how Jane gained two pounds in one day while on holiday. Those pumpkin pie calories tend to add up quickly as do those which are often packed in other holiday goodies.

Jane is not very tall; she is only five feet in height.

Because height influences and assists in determining the recommended size of an individual, she will be more limited in daily energy intake in comparison to her peers which are taller than her.

She requires 1,500 kcals per day to meet her recommended caloric intake and to maintain her current size. As a side note, energy intake should always be balanced with energy expenditures (exercise).

The Menu Plates

These are the foods and beverages that Jane enjoyed while on her holiday. Let's see how she did; good? Bad? Did she have a wee bit too much fun? The totals are in red; the numbers inside the parentheses are the caloric values of the food selections.

Breakfast: One egg and cheese omelet and a side of two sausage patties. One cup of whole milk. 700 kcals

Mid-Morning Snack - One package of chocolate cupcakes plus a cup of whole milk. 550 kcals

Lunch - Jane dined at Frazoli's for lunch and enjoyed a Pasta Ranch Italia Salad (780 kcals), an order of Four Cheese Lasagna (1,000) and a Chocolate Layer Cake for dessert (700). She also enjoyed a large Lemon Ice (250). 2,730 kcals

Mid Afternoon Snack - 1 bag of buttered popcorn + one 16-ounce soda 750 kcals

Dinner- Jane decides to dine at KFC for dinner. She has already blown her daily diet - so why not splurge today and go on a diet tomorrow? Trouble is, where dieting is concerned in individuals who are trapped in a feeding frenzy, 'tomorrow' never seems to come.

Jane enjoys the following at Kentucky Fried Chicken: One Chicken Pot Pie (790) and two biscuits with extra butter (500) and one 64 fluid ounce Pepsi which she intends to enjoy throughout her lazy - yet rather relaxing evening (780). She also enjoys one Lemon Creme Parfait Cup (400). 2,470 kcals

Evening Snack - Another bag of hot buttered popcorn. 450 kcals

Bedtime Snack - 1 pint of her favorite chocolate walnut ice cream with fudge sauce. 700 kcals

Total - about 8,350 calories

Jane has an excess of about 7,000 calories which in turn will create a weight gain of about two pounds. Oh Jane - how could you! Let's hope that tomorrow does really come for Jane and her new healthy way of eating.

With this said, it is very difficult while on holiday to restrict the foods and beverages that we like, particularly some of our favorites. During this time we often feel like we are free - and that we should thoroughly enjoy the break.

While that's just fine in its own right, there is a price to be paid - and it's not a very healthy one, after the break ends. By exercising moderation we can still enjoy what we like - without blowing up the bathroom scales.

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