Why am I losing weight?

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Lighter Body Not Always a Positive Situation

A sudden drop in weight should be taken very seriously.

If you find that you are suddenly losing weight and you have not cut back the calories in your daily diet AND you have not taken up a more active lifestyle, it is vital that you meet with your family doctor as soon as possible to rule out an existing condition.

First and foremost- don't panic.

Second - calmly contact your doctor's office and make that appointment.

Third - DO NOT look up information relating to rapid weight loss on the Internet. Although informative, the Internet isn't qualified to personally treat you. And the information that you find will probably be more troubling than comforting.

The Human Body, a Delicate Self-Healing Machine

Although the body isn't comprised of metal gears - or plastic ones for that matter, as well as other elements that create manmade machines, in its own right it is indeed a delicate instrument. Unlike manmade things which are once-broken require a human to remedy, the body has the ability to heal itself.

If the health issue is simple, such as a small tear in the skin due to a fall then it will generally mend on its own. When the tear involves an invasive organism, the situation rapidly changes.

Not so long ago, before the age of penicillin, many a fellow died due to simple issues because bacteria settled into the equation. We have really come a long way in the area of medical advances and know how to treat so many diseases so that they have a positive outcome - diseases that only a short time ago would have been fatal.

I can use my own self as an example; shortly after I was born in a Navy hospital I began to experience digestive issues. My mother's milk would not stay down; as soon as it hit my stomach, it would come up again.

After the doctors examined me they determined that I had pyloric stenosis, a condition which generally was associated with male infants. Five years prior, there was not a cure and the child died from the condition.

When I gave birth to both of my sons, induced labor was required. I was told by the attending physicians on both occurrences that in the old days, women suffered a horrible death due to such.

So due to modern day medicine, I have cheated Death at least three times in my life. These are prime examples of why online information should be taken lightly and not at face value. New cures are continually coming to the forefront. While one online source may report that a particularly condition is not treatable - in the real world, a new cure may have recently been discovered.

Not All Injuries Are Self-Healing

Let's get back to that fall which caused the torn skin that was the unfortunate result of a fall. Let's assume that no harmful bacteria is a threat in this situation. Instead, the individual feels sore but as the next couple of days follow, they began to feel pain radiating from their back and down their leg.

This is the body's method of giving us a signal that something needs to be repaired; and in mild injuries the pain is also mild. But when treatment is generally needed, the pain levels increase. If they didn't do such, we might forego treatment and end up dying from the incident.

In this situation, while there were no bones broken amid the fall, the individual slipped a disc in the back area which will require professional treatment.

In Summary

Even if your doctor's visit turns up nothing out of the normal, the money spent is well worth ruling out potential health issues, diseases and risks.

If you have recently experienced an injury - and particularly if the condition is associated with significant pain coupled with weight loss, this is your body's signal that you require assistance; don't put it off as in some situations - doing such can aggravate the matter and will require additional time to adequately and properly heal.

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