Why choose whole grains?

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Most Individuals Require Six Minimum Servings Daily

There are so many reasons to love those complex whole grains! Here are just a few:

Whole grains are packed with fiber which help sweep the gut, ridding the body faster of potentially harmful toxins.

The dietary fiber in grains contain amazing satiety powers so that the dieter feels full longer.

Whole grains have added texture which adds to the dining experience.

They may contain delicious natural additives such as nuts and seeds which go towards increasing the nutritional values of the food.

However, Vegetarians beware because whole grains may also contain a bug or two.

Different Varieties & Nutrient Distribution

Different grains hold different values to the eating plan because no two are created equally.


While this is a very high energy food source the vitamins and minerals are greatly reduced if the husk is removed.

Brown offers more fiber benefits than the white.

An inexpensive steamer can make preparation of the long-cook rice a much easier project without added fat.


Although corn is a good source of nutritional needs, it is not as rich a source for protein or minerals as its peer, wheat.


A superior source for protein, carbohydrates, many essential vitamins and minerals. The downside is that when it is refined, the nutritional values are negatively impacted - but such is the case for most foods.


A good source for protein needs. In its cooked state it contains 207 calories per cup over six grams of protein. In its raw form it contains slightly over 22 protein grams per cup.

Barley, Rye

Also good protein sources in addition to carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

In Summary

When building your eating plan, make the Food Pyramid your map for weight loss success and when choosing from the Grain Group, ensure that more than half of your choices arrive on your meal plate in the form of whole grain goodness.

When meal planning, many times we become locked into a particular pattern - and these patterns apply to many areas of our lives. For example, we tend to go to bed each day at a set time - or as close to that time as possible. We relax at set points of the day. And we eat certain meals at set times of the day.

Amid all of the planning and our life-patterns, at times we get into a rut to where we eat the same foods or recipes over and over. When we adapt this pattern amid a weight loss plan, it can add to the boredom.

Therefore - mix things up during this time! Rather than reaching for that loaf of white bread at the market, why not reach for the Russian, New York or Jewish Rye instead? What about the pumpernickel or potato? The multi-grain or the one containing honey? Or - what about making a healthy loaf at home?

You'll certainly burn energy when executing all that necessary kneading.

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