Why is my friend able to eat more than me
although we are the same age and sex?

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Two Different Birds of a Feather Sometimes Don't Flock Together

Age and sex are just two elements that fit into the Eating Puzzle.

While Jen and Jan may be the same age and gender, Jen is 6 inches taller and therefore, her body requires more calories to support than Jan's.

Factors That Influence Body Weight

Other factors that influence the amount of food that an individual can consume include the following:

Metabolic Rate

Simply put this is the speed at which energy that is put into the body burns. You've probably heard of the term 'fat burning' more often than you'd like; it's a hugely popular term where dieting supplements, pills and potions are the subject.

The truth is, there is no magic solution that can actually burn energy. Some agents of these products can assist in quelling appetite, thus harnessing hunger pains - but generally, the impact is very minimal and the side effects of the herb or drug outweighs its benefits.

Yes - there are much worse things in life than being overweight - such as 'overweight and dead'.

To increase your metabolic burn naturally and safely, add a healthy dose of exercise to your eating plan. You should always pair your healthy eating plan with a like-fitness plan, setting goals for each.

Where eating is concerned, your goals may include eating healthier food selections, avoiding fast food and restaurant dining as well as to lose x-amount of fat.

Your fitness goals may including walking at a brisk pace for x-amount of time each day that is possible, weather permitting.

And here is where a back-up plan comes into play. Always have an activity that you can do when you can't get outdoors to exercise. It may mean joining a fitness club or gym - or playing a video game which requires the gamer to move, or an exercise tape for video to work out to.

Activity Level

While exercising is a great way to boost metabolic rate, it also influences the number on the bathroom scales either negatively or positively, as well as overall state of health.

Health Status

Speaking of which - one's current level of health plays a roll in what they weigh. When the individual isn't feeling one-hundred percent, that's going to impact the amount of activity they perform during that span of time.

If they are dealing with a serious illness, pounds may be pulled from the body due to the illness.

In Summary

Can you see a pattern in the above bullet points? Each in one way or another relate and impact the other. It's a domino effect and when all of these areas are in harmony, it's much easier to lose those unhealthy layers of unwanted body fat.

With a fast metabolic rate, added exercise to the plan, a healthy eating pattern - all of these add up to how the individual feels, as well as to increase or decrease their current state of health.

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