Why does being over weight make me feel so bad?

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The Downside of Life When the Body is Upside in Weight

Feeling bad or down about one's self because of those extra pounds tends to come and go in most individuals dealing with weighty issues.

They may feel bad because the weight itself is pressing upon their good health. Or they may feel bad because of their appearance, or because Thin Betty received that promotion that they should have.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that those extra pounds can be trimmed away with a bit of tweaking to the daily diet and activity schedule.

Yeah, we know - it sounds a lot easier than the task actually is; we get all excited because the formula for losing is actually quite easy, so simple - yet, when reality hits, there is usually a giant fan in the area and guess who gets plastered?

If you find that you are continually feeling bad because overweight issues are burdening you, then why not give it a try? I encourage you to make a change in your eating pattern which can in turn change your life.

I know myself from my own personal experience that it's not easy - losing weight. But you can do it! And I'll help all that I can by providing tips and information at Diet Bites for you!

The Starting Point

1. You'll need a healthy map for your journey; you won't find a better, more authoritative one than the Official American Food Pyramid - or the source that is used in your ethnic culture. Each are created with ethnicity in mind and in determining which foods and drinks will best meet the body's nutritional needs.

2. Next, you'll want to set your fitness goals. What do you want to weigh at the end of your journey? How do you plan to increase your level of fitness?

For example, David considered himself a couch potato; he rarely moved unless it was from his favorite recliner to the kitchen to grab more goodies - or at his desk when it was time to clock in or out, and of course, to and from his vehicle after arriving to work.

His fat loss plan including losing fifty five pounds and being able to walk a minimum of two miles each day outside of normal activity and to continue doing such after the plan ended. And by setting goals, he accomplished exactly that; no one can call the new, improved, slim, most active David a couch potato now!

3. After the map for losing has been decided upon, the fitness goals and the activity goals - the next step is creating a back-up plan. For example, let's look at how David used his in a most rewarding way.

His original plan called for no fast food while he was losing. However, a client arrived at his work place one day and had purchased a plethora of fast food for the employees. He also stood in the break room and nodded positively as the employees picked their favorites and thanked him on their way out.

If David chose not to participate he would be in a quandary. A - he would make the client feel unhappy and B, he had been told not to bring lunch today as it was being provided by the visiting client.

David looked at the available foods and was pleased to find a couple of tacos in the mix that would fit well into his plan. He thanked the client who in turn nodded and beamed a smile, then he went to the dining area and enjoyed his meal.

Thank goodness that he'd thought ahead to make a back-up plan, part of which included the following: "If I am unable to eat my normally planned meal, then I will pick the most healthy food choice available."

In Summary

There are a variety of methods for losing fat in the world today; some work more effectively than others. One thing to keep in mind that the best of the bunch are amendable to suit your personal dietary needs and schedule.

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