Why are potatoes considered fattening?

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Fattening Carbohydrates Equal Increase in Body Weight

With popular carbohydrate-based diets so popular these days, any food that is white takes a beating.

From loaves of bread to tubes of pasta, these fabulous foods are being left in the dust.

Even the spritely potato - although many would argue which state has the best tasting variety.

Whether they are grown and harvested in Idaho, Texas, Kansas or California - with about 50 carbohydrate grams per one medium baked specimen, things become dicey for the carb-dieter. They immediately get sent to the 'Do Not Eat' list and are eradicated from the weight loss plan.

But is that really fair? Particularly as the number on the bathroom scales are not governed by the number of carbohydrate grams consumed, rather the amount of energy consumed - balanced with the amount expended throughout our day's activity.

The Healthy Truth

That lovely spud comes in at a trim 120 calories. In addition, it provides a blast of potassium benefits. Therefore, it isn't the amount of kcals that the diner should be concerned with - rather what happens to Mister Spud after it is baked, grilled, boiled or microwaved to perfection.

Butter & Fat Additives

As this trim vegetable sits on the plate in its current healthy state it may actually start biting its nails out of a sense of nervousness - concerned about what is about to be added to it's white flesh - or golden in some species.

That little yellow difference - specifically butter or margarine really beef up the caloric values. After all, they are 100% Pure D Fat.

In addition, full blown versions of cheese, sour cream as well as creamy sauces - which are generally prepared with cream and cheese, aren't stellar additions, either.

Too Much Bacon

If it has been prepared in the microwave, bacon contains about 25 kcals per thin strip and that's not so bad. However, when pan fried or used too freely, particularly in conjunction with other common favorite fatty additives, the healthy equation goes into a downward spiral.

Mister Sodium

Adding a little salt will assist in unlocking the flavors of this super food; however - being too liberal with the salt shaker can add false pounds to the bathroom scales due to water retention issues. And bloating and abdominal swelling aren't cool side effects, either.

Healthier Toppings for This Super Vegetable

Rather than reaching for slabs of flab, reach for fab! Most vegetables taste lovely when combined with one of their own. For example, try adding steamed broccoli to your spud. Be sure to thoroughly drain the broccoli before adding.

Or, try adding a serving from the fruit group by topping with sweet chopped tomatoes. In addition, sweet sun-dried tomatoes are so delicious and pair well with the potato.

In Summary

This healthy vegetable can be a central part of any healthy plan for fat loss when served and enjoyed in its plain state - or as close to its natural form as possible.

Any additives that are chosen to be a part of this vegetable at serving time should be considered carefully before adding; they should also be of the reduced fat variety.

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