Why do metabolisms become sluggish?

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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Many things effect the rate of our metabolism. When we have a fast metabolic rate - thanks to the old gene pool in good part - then it's not much of an issue.

We can eat quite freely and the burn takes care of the calories in a proficient manner. Weight gain concerns generally aren't in the picture.

On the other hand, for those who have a snail's pace rate, it can be frustrating.

Speeding Things Up Without Risk to Health

Here are just a few things that can slow down the metabolism and remedies that can speed up the rate without harm to one's health or scary side effects.

Before we touch on these - take note that at times the slow metabolic rate can be associated with other conditions or influencing factors - such as a thyroid imbalance, seen more in women than men.

While there are medications that can be prescribed to increase the rate, the doctor must calculated the risk to their patient. Generally these types of medications can effect the heart rate by speeding it up and pose serious risk to the patient.

Therefore, if you are impacted by a thyroid imbalance, you should always discuss the risks involved with your qualified doctor before taking the medication. Find out what's in the prescription; ask about side effects. Ask if you can remedy the imbalance without using drugs.

1. A restricted diet plan takes it toll on the metabolic rate. Think about the situation in this manner. Bob went on a trip and ended up in a desolate area. He had x-amount of fuel and was concerned about making it make to a more populated area safely.

There was nothing but hot sun and desert surrounding him. As he traveled towards civilization, for ever mile he drove, he used an almost identical amount of fuel. Unfortunately, he ran out about five miles to his destination and had to hike to safety without water or sunshades, even.

The human body is scads smarter than our Bob. The tummy hold x-amount of fuel (energy). Unlike an auto that is filled once the tank starts to run low - or when it is convenient to the driver, the body is wise enough to monitor its current level of energy housed within and to meter it out as needed.

And it's smart enough to know that when it's not seeing more energy being input into the stomach, something must be wrong. Perhaps the harvest is poor? Perhaps the body is injured and cannot get to food or drink?

Whatever the reason, when more energy isn't fed into the body - the result is a slow down in metabolic rate. The body struggles and works efficiently to save as many precious drops that it can, pulling from the fat that is stored in the cells as necessary for survival.

Therefore, we can easily see the impact that restricted energy plans can have on the body - and why the metabolic rate slows to such as slow rate amid the process.

An individual is better off in eating several meals per day which contain x-amount of kcals rather than severely restricting them. That constant feed of energy - in turn energizes the metabolism.

2. When the body is ill or experiences an accident, there is a slowdown in the rate.

3. Ageing; with all the modern day laser surgeries that can turn a prune into a peach in two minutes flat, many of us may assume our body to remain young forever. We ask this food for thought: Can a new metal can sit in the weather for 100 years and still look new? Can a car endure a flood and still drive like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor - even after it's restored?

Neither can the human body remain at its youthful state past a certain time in life. Even if the exterior of the body is remodeled and made to look like new with a youthful appearance, the interior is ageing as intended from the beginning of life. Such is nature, such is life. And the harsh fact is that an ageing body's metabolic rate isn't as fast as it was in its youth.

4. A slow rate can be caused by insufficient activity and exercise. Want to get a big boost? Add exercise to your weight loss plan. While you're at it, be sure to get sufficient rest and sleep. This too can lead to the undesired slow functioning.

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