Why are weight loss plateaus good?

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Weighing the Benefits

They can be good because:

1. They allow the body time to come into balance with all the wonderful, healthier changes being brought on via weight loss.

2. They test the patience of the dieter and for those who wait, many good things arise to the surface - such as a strengthening in the level of patience-itself as well as in willpower and endurance. And oh yes - that little reward known as weight loss.

3. The end of a weight loss plateau is generally followed by an increment of rapid fat loss.

The payoff can be big.

4. When an individual has a lot of pounds to get rid of, they can expect a plateau to hit for about every ten pounds of body fat that is lost. In my personal experience, ten pounds would slowly come off. It was like they were super glued onto the body. The next ten fell off like a autumn acorn off a grandfather oak.

The Cons

1. Frustration - first and foremost. The individual may feel super aggravated because they are doing all that they can do, yet the rate of fat loss has slowed to a snail's pace - or it has completely stagnated.

They may think about quitting their plan, because what's the use? They aren't going anywhere where the bathroom scales are involved. Why not glut and be happy?

2. Impatient - this is more likely felt by those who trust that if they remain steadfast and true to their plan, the desired results will follow. It's hard to remain patient when one is feeling impatient.

In Summary

Getting off that excess body fat is a huge undertaking and the more that one has to get rid of, the more difficult the task.

There are many things to expect when one goes on a diet plan. Most of the time, the individual doesn't take time to discover the bad things that are associated with the good outcome.

They aren't aware that part of dieting more often than not includes breath of T-Rex; then they start noticing that everyone they are speaking to these days stands a baker's dozen feet away. Even the family dog. And the parakeet isn't singing anymore.

And oh those intense cravings. All of us experience times throughout the week or month when we get too busy and before we know what has happened, we are raging with hunger pains. Due to low blood sugar levels, we may feel trembly - or shaky. Once we satisfy our energy needs we start to feel like our old self. But when dieting, these hunger pains can be a continual gnawing that are very annoying.

This is why we recommend a healthier mode for losing; rather than prancing down the Path of Severely Restricted Caloric Intake, instead - consume the number that is required by your body for your recommended weight. The fat will melt away naturally and hunger pains will be temporary - generally at the very start of the plan, one that's more like a life plan than a true diet.

With this said, another side effect of losing is indeed the great and notorious Weight Loss Plateau, much hated but very necessary as the body copes with healthier changes and strives to balance those in the area of a decrease in pounds. See? It's not all bad.....

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