Why are weight loss plateaus bad?

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Weight loss plateaus are bad because:

1. They often toss a dieter right off the wagon as frustration settles in. Many times they don't even realize that a plateau is the issue.

They may assume that the stagnation results from a plan that simply isn't producing results.

These periods of stagnation are more prevalent amid individuals who have a substantial amount to lose. For example, if Lucy needs to drop 10 pounds, she will be likely to experience zero to one plateau before reaching her goal.

On the other hand, if Fran has 110 pounds to drop, she will likely experience five to ten plateaus along her journey.

2. Plateaus may take weeks before passing. If one lasts for more than two weeks, then it is time to see if the situation really involves one - or if there are other factors causing the slow down of the metabolic rate. Those may include any of the following situations:

There may be too many calories in the plan. While those unwanted pounds were dropping like flies in the dead of winter up until this point, you may have reached a place where the current energy intake is supporting your current weight. In order to continue experiencing fat loss, the energy values will have to be further decreased.

A medical condition may be in the mix such as a thyroid imbalance; in this event the individual may even begin to experience a gain in pounds.

If you believe this to be the case then please do not delay in making an appointment and meeting with your qualified health care giver for a diagnosis. If the stagnation is indeed related to an imbalance, this can be treated successfully in most individuals.

Energy intake values may be so restrictive that the body is purposely balking in order to save precious energy for its very survival. In this situation, more food may need to be added to the plan to see positive movement.

3. Weight loss plateaus require a lot of patience from the dieter; and almost always require some tweaking.

Tips to Succeed

We have often been asked what can be done to increase the metabolic rate so that the individual can get through this most frustrating phase of dieting.

One of the best things that can be done - and which generally renders the most impressive quick results is adding more activity to your plan.

Another solution is to add bulk to your meals. A medium sized bag of frozen vegetables can be steamed and enjoyed for about 100 kcals and minimal dietary fat. Or, take your pick from the garden and steam.

During this period of stagnation be sure to limit sodium intake as well as simple carbohydrates - both of which can cause upswings in the numbers on the bathroom scales.

What we caution against is adding any type of stimulant such as those found in dieting supplements, pills and potions.

In Summary

When you hit these types of snags along your journey, remember that it is very easy to give up and return to your former way of eating. It requires great stamina and patience to continue forward.

More likely than not, you have been in this situation in the past at some point. What did you do? Did you toss up your hands and quit? Or did you move forward and succeed - and then those unwanted pounds somehow found their way back to you?

If the former applies, you'll have to work to find a solution in ridding the fat permanently. If you simply quit your former plans and have never achieved your goals - why not give it a try? Work until you do such and see your results.

You can always regain the lost weight but of course, you're not going to want to do that - not after you work so hard and you've experienced success. Remember that you made it to the place on the bathroom scales very slowly over time; you can certainly decrease those numbers and make all of your goals a reality.

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