Why do I crave sugar?

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Sweet Addiction

There is much controversy regarding the reason(s) why some individuals crave sugar - from imbalances within the body to hormonal disturbances.

What is fact and what is fiction? Here are some points to consider:

Sugar tends to be addictive. The more one eats, the more one wants, a bit like salt (sodium).

To break the cycle, work to trim intake over the period of a week. See if your cravings lessen. You just may discover that white fairy dust isn't as attractive as it was a week ago. Foods that once tasted like they needed more may now be too sweet to the taste buds.

Pleasant and Negative Associations

This sweet food source is mood-lifting and is associated with many happy times in life such as celebrations and holidays. And who doesn't want to be happy? We tend to mentally connect experiences and embed them in the memory bank of the brain. At times, they may become deeply suppressed.

For example, Jane and Jack were having a rough spot in their marriage and it seemed that all they did was argue on the trivial things in their life - things like Jack leaving the lid up and Jane leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor. In the big scheme of things, neither of these issues was a matter of grave concern, but the arguments continued to build. Because they had two small children they isolated their arguments to the bedroom.

As time went by, one of their best friends passed suddenly due to an accident. The couple realized how precious and short  - as well as how unpredictable that life was and they made a pack to tolerate one another's little pet peeves.

However, they just couldn't regain the passion they had felt for one another. The root? All that arguing in the bedroom embedded miserable times in this area. This is one great reason why arguments should be taken out of the bedroom.

With this said - when the situation is turned upside down and pleasant experiences become part of the picture, we gravitate towards happiness - those parties, holidays and other celebratory moments of our lives which more often than not center around food. And during moments of celebration, sugar is almost always the star.

Curbing the Craving

Controlled health studies indicate that chromium may reduce carbohydrate cravings. Why is this discovery important?

Because sugar is a common ingredient in many sweet carb-no-nothings. High carbohydrate foods generally contain a flour base which contains about one-half the caloric values of sugar. Therefore, when the two are combined, along with a fat agent in the recipe, the kcals can drastically increase.

In Summary

If you are struggling with weight gain, ferret-out the foods and drinks that you input into your day. Quite often those sweet empty calories can be tracked back to full-blown soda, juices, shakes and other common beverages.

While it's a fantastic idea to keep empty values out of our daily totals - based on the lack of nutritional values alone, unless your doctor prescribes otherwise you should be able to enjoy a sweet treat in moderation. Being at one's recommended weight doesn't mean that the things in life that we enjoy have to be totally banished.

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