Why is smoking bad for your health?

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Oh Those Addictive Habits That We Love

Smoking and chewing tobacco have been proven in study after study to impact health negatively. Sadly, many individuals - women in particular, use smoking as a form of weight management.

Smoking and chewing tobacco tolls the bell of bad news when it comes to state of health and can trigger, cause or contribute to a barrage of illnesses, diseases and health woes.

Negative Health Rewards Associated With Tobacco Usage

Keep in mind that the longer one's addition lingers, the stronger the risks.

Please do something about kicking the nicotine habit before it reaches these stages. If you can't do such for your own quality of life, think about others in your life. Some may depend upon you for emotional or financial reasons.

If you have kids or grandchildren - or other family members, don't leave them before it's your true time to depart. While all of our hairs are numbered by the man upstairs, there are things that we can often do that shorten or lengthen our allotted time. Quitting is one huge step towards a potentially longer, healthier and higher quality of life.

1. Throat, gum and mouth cancers are prevalent with tobacco use. I've seen patients who have the lower half of their mouth removed due to cancer; it's so embarrassing for the patient and sad because at some point in time - the cancer cells go from the state of being cured to the point of no return. Who knows when that moment will occur? The condition simply drops from salvageable to the land of no return.

2. The continued use of tobacco promotes ageing of the skin due to the particulates contained in the product.  Even if you aren't a smoker and you are around it - the exposure can take its toll on the health state of your skin. Keep in mind that our skin is our largest organ.

Skin, Lung Health & Second Hand Smoking

If you're a fan of the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' you may know about the horrible incident that Buddy Ebsen (Uncle Jed from 'The Beverly Hillbillies' fame) experienced while filming. He was to play the Tin Man role but had a severe reaction to the aluminum powder required for the costume; due to inhaling the fumes on a daily basis while filming, he became critically ill as his lungs became coated with the powder and had to be hospitalized. He was so ill that he had to be placed into an iron lung.

This is why the products that we use on our skin as well as what is in the air that we breathe is so vital to our health.

As to second hand smoking, the majority of individuals that we have spoken to have an incorrect assumption on what happens amid the process. Most assume that when they breathe in the exhaled smoke that it's much as if they too were smoking. What actually happens is that the expelled smoke from the smoker is the toxic breath expelled from the smoker's lungs - and it's why in most situations, it's poses more of a risk to one's health than smoking.

Although the smoker draws in and pushes out air when smoking, one would assume that smoking might strengthen the lungs. Unfortunately, the particulates contained in tobacco cloud smother the lungs, putting the individual at high risk for certain cancers, stroke and pulmonary diseases.

Rusty Grill, Dental Issues

Bad breath, stained hillbilly teeth, other dental issues - who wants that?

Stress Reliever?

While smoking might temporarily relieve everyday stress, benefits may be canceled out with stressful worries of the risks surrounding tobacco usage.

Heart disease, stroke and cancer are just a few diseases linked to tobacco These are just a few reasons why tobacco is bad for your health and why this habit should be kicked to the curb.

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