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When the word 'health' comes to mind, thoughts of a strong, fit body are often generated.

We may also think of eating health-wise foods, getting in plenty of activity and taking advantage of breathing fresh air.

We may think about avoiding drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other vices that may prompt our state of health to deteriorate, or that may cause us to age before our time.

The reason why health is so important is that it impacts the way that we feel, the way that we look, and the way that others look at us.

Some other issues that impact our health include:

Inadequate Sleep

In controlled authoritative health studies, the relationship between sleeping and weight was the subject. The results determined that those who received inadequate sleep tended to weigh more than the test participants that got ample rest. This is just one reason why rest, relaxation and sleep is equally important to the body as a wisely chosen eating plan.

Our conclusions from personal studies: One of the chief reasons individuals are likely to gain weight when they don't intake adequate sleep is because they are awake longer and the temptation as well as the opportunity for eating widens. When sustenance is consumed at day's end, it does not digest as efficiently as it did earlier in the day; the body is tired - and that's why it requires rest for revitalization.

Negative Stress, Positive Stress, Relationship Issues

Can you identify which of the following involves stressful moments?

1. Ann pours her coffee and it is a bit too cold to drink so she reheats it in the microwave. When she removes it, some sloshes onto her hand and it is scalding hot.

2. Ann pours her cup of morning coffee from the pot and sets down to read the news before starting her day. As she picks up her cup of now-cold coffee, some sloshes out on her hand.

Both are stressful moments but the first situation causes more bad than the other. Let's look at some more situations:

1. Betty and her husband fight all of the time; he has asked for a divorce and tells her that he has been having several affairs on the side for many years now - one with her best friend Ann. And to think that Betty actually offered the woman sympathy when she had shown her scalded hand to her - only yesterday. Burn baby burn!

2. Betty had a horrible first marriage but after five years she met a gentleman at church who asked her to marry him after two years of courting. She has a seven year span from the time of her divorce until now and she has changed in many ways. As she walks down the aisle she sets aside thoughts of her ex-husband and her former best friend Ann who are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce and instead thinks about the wonderful life that awaits her with her new husband.

While both situations involve stress - the later is more of a form of positive rather than of the negative variety. Each and every day, all of us encounter some form or type of stress. The manner in which we deal with these situations has a great impact on our overall state of health and well-being.

No Money for Honey

Financial woes, including being so financially stressed that routine doctor and dentist visits are not an option. I've been poor my entire life - and you know what? I always think that it could be a lot worse - a whole lot worse. I'm veering towards the end of my life now and I have a lot of memories to reflect upon; many have been filled with difficult times - many are quite positive.

Until I was in my late forties, I didn't know what it meant to be able to go out to a fine restaurant; in fact - most of the experiences that I've had with such were the times that my employer paid for them. While everyone else was chatting, here I was gawking at the interior of the restaurant and thinking what a fine place it was.

Much of the time, my grocery cart is filled with very inexpensive meals. This is just one reason why there are so many simple, low fat recipes to be found at Diet Bites - using the most minimal of ingredients. While beans are healthier than steak - most people would rather have steak. If it's lean, then we say 'dig in!' But if you're like me and beans are on the table more often than not - we still say 'dig in!' They are mighty good eating and can assist in keeping those pounds in check.

Icky, Bored Life

If you're feeling bored but only at different spots in your life - then that is pretty normal. But if you are in a continual state of boredom or loneliness, then it's time to make contact with others. If you don't like the social interaction on the web, what about finding a friend at church?

Do you have a neighbor that might like to visit with you? What about a particular game that you might like to play? Many are free online. Or, what about a favorite hobby? Do you like photography? So do I! At times, I can get so lost and absorbed when taking pictures that I lose track of time. But that's okay; I'm giving my little brain a rest.....

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