Why are fad diets bad?

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Definition of Trending Diets

Fad diets tend to focus on a catchy theme or one food. At times, the theme may be super outrageous which actually works to draw attention and fascination to the plan.

While one of our healthy free plans won't likely be featured on national news, just develop one that makes use of eating a plethora of bananas that haven't fully reached their ripened stage - feed them to an overweight family member and ta-da! you're a star and a hero.

A hero who is triggering thousands - and at times, millions of individuals to rush to the store and clean out the banana slot - or the ones holding rice, chocolate, grapefruit or soy products.

As to delivering results? Zero to slim. If these outrageous modes of losing unwanted fat layers truly worked, we'd be seeing it all over the news. Instead, these trends arrive in waves.

Like the river which turns during certain seasons, these trends often reappear in the news. They may be in their original form - or they may have been updated or modified with claims that they 'now produce even better results'.

Unsubstantiated Studies From Non-authoritative Sources

The unfortunate thing - or should we say one of them is that more often than not the weight loss claims are unsubstantiated. The trend has not been tested in a controlled scientific study - and the subjects have not been screened to ensure they mirror one another as closely as possible.

Or, at times when authoritative studies are enacted, individuals of several shapes, sizes and gene pool composite will be among the participants - but they are typically divided into groups in which their make-up mirrors others in the group.

These separated groups are then compared to the others which are participating in the health study. The results may show that one sector receives more benefits from a particular foods source than another.

Dangers, Health Risks Associated With Fad Dieting

In Today's Diet World, most all of us are aware of the dangers of one-food diets, but many over weight individuals are willing to put their good health on the line in order to achieve weight loss success - another reason why many fad diets are bad.

Although many achieve results, few achieve long-lasting success. It would be rare to find anyone who went on a trendy diet and achieved permanent success. Why?

These types of plans don't provide a healthy eating pattern which is necessary in achieving long term success.

Oft times, a warning accompanies a popular trendy diet advising the individual not to follow the plan for more than 'X' amount of days. Fortunately, the downtime allows many individuals to snap to their good senses.

Most do not incorporate an exercise plan with the eating plan.

Fad diets aren't created to last a lifetime. The healthy American Food Pyramid is - and can be used from the first day of life, until the last in achieving the healthiest body possible.

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