Why diets fail - why diets don't work.

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Is Permanent Weight Loss Success Really Achievable?

Almost anyone can drop pounds - whether it's a few or a lot. The problem is that shortly after the drop, those fat layers are quickly regained. As we see it, the reason is not because most diets fail OR because most don't work, it's because of the following:

Unfortunately, permanent results are only achievable with permanent weight management. For an individual to retain their new trim shape, they must continue to consume a reduced amount of calories in comparison to their former way of eating in order to do such.

Individuals who have experienced an increase on the bathroom scales also experience fat cell increases which are utilized by the human body for storage of unused energy.

Once these cells are created, they can shrink but they will never go away. The the moment they are created, they make it much more difficult for the person to achieve and maintain their ideal, recommended healthy size because they are continually craving to be refilled.

When an individual has an abundance of these cells, while maintaining that new trim shape becomes challenging at times - it can certainly be accomplished. However, the inward battle will still rage forward and must be dealt with in the manner that all unhealthy habits are dealt with - on a day-by-day basis. Where eating disorders are involved, that may translate to a meal-by-meal basis.

Many modern day reduction plans tend to be popular fad diets.

Frankly, we've never known anyone using this mode to successfully retain their slim shape for a long period of time.

And we've never known anyone who went on a fad plan who didn't experience negative symptoms - from hair loss to brittle nails to digestive woes and at times, a prolonged stay at the local hospital.

Shrinking the Bloated Body

If there was a method that was humanly-possible that worked to shrink the body and melt those unwanted - and unhealthy fat layers, rendering the individual at their recommended size, it might be so much easier for the person to grab onto healthy foods in order to maintain their new slim shape.

After the body was resized, they could actually see the dramatic differences - they could feel the positive impact on how they appear in the mirror, as well as how much better that their body feels without being weighed down in those layers which built thicker and fuller over time.

But of course, this isn't possible. And in order to achieve one's fitness goals, they must pay the price involved when attempting to shrink back down to their normal size.

Keeping the Focus, Believing in One's Self

If you are planning to go onto a weight-reduction plan, you can use your positive thoughts to assist in keeping the focus on reaching your goals. We like to suggest to our readers to imagine that you are already at your ideal size in your mind; your body may take days, weeks, months or even a couple of years in some situations to get there, and at this point it is simply a waiting game where you must exercise great patience.

There will be occasions where temptation presents itself - particularly during certain times and seasons of the year. Perseverance is a precious commodity amid the losing phase; couple it with patience and you'll have a winning formula for success!

In Summary

The successful plan embraces and recommends a healthy eating pattern for the basic three daily meals as well as for snack times and beverages which are included throughout one's day. 

Although most individuals are eager to melt off the fat, they aren't willing to accept the fact that managing such is a life-long process. Even if it were possible to automatically shrink the body, managing the foods and drinks we consume must be managed or the fat layers will quickly start to rebuild. Indeed, the process is a continuous effort which requires close monitoring.

Those of us who have been or who are addicted to the flavors of food must be willing to discard our unhealthy eating patterns and move forward to that place where a healthier life awaits. Otherwise, we remain locked inside our self-created cell.

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