Why are cabbage soup diets popular?

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Cabbages are popping up all over the Diet Village these days in the form of diets rather than in the form of munchkins. Why so? Just what makes these cabbage soup diets so popular?

A Wise Method for Melting Pounds?

In our opinion, the Cabbage Soup Diet - and there are many different versions, is one of the worse modes for losing weight. It's taxing on the body, and after a while, the soup gets almost unpalatable.

Here are some more negatives associated with this plan:

The Cons

There are not enough kcals (energy values) to support optimum health. In addition, eating plans that hold significance for one or two foods do not meet the body's nutritional needs requirements. Therefore, they are much like a train wreck in motion. At some point, they will crash.

Sorry - as healthy as this vegetable star may be, it still stinks. And after it's eaten, the gas that is associated with such stinks even more.

Speaking of intestinal gas, it can be excessive with this eating plan and may be accompanied by the a-typical side effects of gas: bloating, abdominal pressure and pain, with eruptions of untrapped gas blowing out both ends. This is not a soup that one would want to eat at a family reunion.

High failure rate. The success rate for this plan is virtually a fat goose egg. We know of no person who has went on this plan and who has achieved permanent success.

The Pros

Yes, there are pros as they generally are with most fad plans. Here are just a few:

The soup recipe is ultra low in calories, generally less than 50 per cup;

It's also very filling - perhaps in part from trapped gas;

Cabbage soup is fairly easy to make and can be prepared in advance, allowing the dieter more free time to focus on their activity plan;

The recipe is relatively inexpensive to make and contains only a few ingredients;

Quick weight loss results may be seen in some individuals who are determined enough to remain on the plan -  although generally these results are in the form of water rather than fat loss;

The dieter can generally consume as much of the recipe as they desire; more often than not they will become too full after two to three cups which translates to about 100 to 150 kcals.

In Summary

Although we cannot recommend the use of popular cabbage soup diets, we can highly recommend including the tasty soup as part of your healthy diet plan. Just be sure that the recipe is low in sodium. Here is one tasty recipe: Cabbage Soup Recipe

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