Why do I crave salt?

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The More You Eat, The More You Want

Craving salt may be more than a salt addiction requiring treatment by your family doctor. 

For the salt addict, the more one sprinkles on, the more one wants. In turn too much sodium in the daily diet can lead to some rather aggressive health issues which in turn can trigger even more health woes.

This situation applies to those who are susceptible to the negative effects of the white stuff; not all of us are - but unfortunately that list contains few individuals.

Why is Too Much Not Good for the Body?

If you are in the larger group of individuals who are impacted by an overage of sodium consumption, the following ill effects may be produced. Take note that this is merely a limited list of potentials so various other undesirable conditions may be triggered.

1. Unstable or Elevated Blood Pressure Readings

It's important to note that sodium is one of the three electrolytes found in the body along with potassium and calcium which work to keep the fluids within the body in balance.

When blood pressure is impacted, in turn this has the potential to create a domino effect on other areas of the body, including its vital organs.

At the forefront, the heart is generally placed the highest among risk and damage as the blood is pumped in and out and pressure becomes too staunch for the heart muscle to accommodate such. The result is a breakdown in the circulatory system which trips another domino that can lead to heart attack - mild to severe, or stroke.

2. Cholesterol Factor

Fact is, most foods that are extreme in sodium content are also such in cholesterol values. Even if a food or drink does not list the amount of cholesterol contained therein on the nutrition label, that does not mean that it will not contribute to cholesterol issues.

The health impact of a stroke will depend upon where the triggering incident occurred. If in the brain, speech may be effected, or memory capability. Or other parts of the body may experience issues; if the individual survives the stroke they may need to learn to walk or talk again.

If the situation involves memory, the damage may be irreversible. Dementia may be permanent; this was the result with my mother who experienced three consecutive strokes; one in the month of October in her eye, another in November which was centralized in the thalamus and eradicated her short term memory, and yet another in December.

While her blood pressure readings were in the normal, acceptable range for her age, she had experienced high cholesterol issues a few years before the strokes occurred. Amid that testing, she had not seen a doctor more than five times in her adult life; she just didn't see a need for them unless one had a very serious condition. Nonetheless, it's interesting to note that when her blood serum cholesterol was checked at the hospital, it was found to be in the normal range.

3. Water Retention, Taxing on the Body

In the event of trapped water, it may require several days in order to rectify. Amid that time, if more sodium-rich foods are consumed, the circle will not be broken and false pounds will be registered on the bathroom scales.

In Summary

If you find that you are a salt addict, try cutting back until the consumption levels are brought within the recommended level. Of course, just as in the area of losing pounds, this is easier said than accomplished but don't fret - as we have tips to assist.

Opt for other seasonings over shaker and discuss the use of sodium substitutes with your doctor. As a note, these types of substitutes may be dangerous for some individuals with heart disease and other medical conditions, so it is important to discuss the implementation of this product in your daily diet with your doctor before doing such.

When you start to curb your addiction, do such by at least half and work downwards in the amount added from there. And never add extra packets to commercially prepared foods.

So many times an individual will order fries and before they even taste them, they are adding salt to them. It's bad enough that they were fried in oil. In this situation, two wrongs certainly don't make a right choice!

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