Why weight matters.

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Health Issues Related to Weight Gain

It's easy to pack on a few pounds and allow them to hang around for a while. After all, dieting isn't a cake walk. But even a few extra ones can equal a health disaster in the making.

What can a few 'harmless' pounds result in?

1. Unhealthy high blood pressure readings.

The increase stems from several factors, not just the added layers of body fat. Because overweight individuals tend to like rich foods, this is also a contributing factor. These choices are generally mined with sodium which impacts blood pressure in an unhealthy manner.

While the human body requires salt for optimum health, too much encourages water retention in susceptible individuals. That's right - not everyone is impacted by excessive sodium consumption, but for those who are - it almost always has a negative impact on blood pressure.

2. High cholesterol levels.

Remember those rich foods that we touched upon? They not only tend to contain higher levels of salt, but also fat - and unfortunately, the more unhealthy types with Saturated and Trans at the top of the list.

3. Extra pounds are taxing on the lungs and respiratory system.

When the body stores excess energy, in turn it plumps out and continues to grow larger as more layers are added over time. These layers not only add bulk to the skeletal frame, they weigh very heavily on the bathroom scales.

As an experiment, go to your kitchen pantry and pull out a large bag of potatoes. Add one to a deep pan or pot and lift. Quite light, isn't it? Now, add another and lift. Keep doing such until you have transferred all of the potatoes - or until you begin to feel that you have lifted all that you can safely, without straining any of your body parts.

This is much like added fat layers react within the body. That first layer creates pressure. The following layers only add to the pressure. Soon, vital organs - including the lungs feel strained and no longer work as efficiently. At times, drawing in a breath can be a challenge for the morbidly obese individual.

And unfortunately, when the lungs aren't working efficiently, neither is the heart.

As a note, if you don't have spuds in your house, then any item will work that can be added to your pan or pot. Or, try filling a container with just a cup of water. Keep adding cups of water and lifting the container to feel the gradual rate of increase.

4. Organs have less room to perform.

As the amount of stored energy grows there becomes less and less room for the vital organs of the body to work freely.

5. Aching joints. Back issues due to strain on the skeletal system.

This is the result of too much baggage on the skeletal frame. The situation is much like a house; the frame was designed to hold up the roof. We've all read or seen what a heavy accumulation of snowfall can do to even the strongest of roofs. Too much and things collapse.

6. Digestive woes.

Burping from both ends, abdominal pressure, heartburn, acid indigestion, bloating - on the miseries associated with digestive malfunctioning.

7. Increased risk for many diseases including diabetes, cancer & heart related illnesses.

In Summary

Bottom line: weight matters. Even a little extra cushioning matters a lot. Anytime is always a perfect or ideal time to work on achieving a higher state of health.

Sure, those layers were added over time and in some instances, they were packed on quite quickly. But whether they were slowly or quickly added to the body, they can be removed safely.

Get started today and your body will certainly be rewarded for all your efforts and hard work.

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