Why do women crave chocolate?

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Sheer Enjoyment & Pleasure Derived

Many foods and scents are considered aphrodisiacs. For example, the scent of vanilla is said to drive some men wild.

Such is the case with chocolate and women.

As to explaining why women crave chocolate, the answer may be impure and simple.

Long considered taboo due to high fat and sugar content, the luxury of savoring chocolate is a nice way to be just a bit naughty and the crave continues. Why so?

Simply because it tastes good.

Other theories to why women crave chocolate, particularly before happy period time:

- the body craves sugar due to lower blood sugar levels

- chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins delivering a warm feel-good state

- it may also may alleviate sensitivity to pain which is great news for those thinking about starting a new exercise routine

- the current chemical state of the body

- the current mental state of the body

Healthy Benefits a Plus

With news that dark chocolate may actually be beneficial to overall state of health, that's certainly worth hopping on board. The dark contains flavonols which have the ability to combat vascular disease.

This delicious food may prove to be a fine combatant against heart disease including heart attack, various circulatory ailments, strokes, dementia, hypertension, dementia, and even diabetes.

It may also assist in fighting vascular disease which is associated with the heart, brain and strokes. When strokes occur, certain types of dementia can occur afterwards.

In Summary

Milk chocolate is delicious but dark is the prescription when it comes to the healthy benefits. The flavor is bittersweet - and the more cacao, the more bittersweet the product. The flavor is quite rich and easily identifiable from the sweet milk version.

Whether you are dieting or not, this treat can be made part of your eating routine. It can be a very healthy snack or used to heighten the flavors of other foods when it is used as one of the ingredients in the recipe.

But take heart when dieting because Yes, You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

Low Calorie Recipe for Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake and dieting. It's called, "I Want To Kill Your Diet Cake" and is a definite no-no when it comes to weight loss.

The main killer ingredient is of course, the frosting. Yeah, I know - it's the best part, but what is really best: eating cake frosting OR being proud of your weight?

But take heart because creating a cake that is a Diet Masterpiece is ultra easy and takes only a jiffy second.

You'll cut tons of calories by simply omitting the frosting and dusting your finished cake masterpiece with powdered sugar or cocoa powder AND by substituting the healthier ingredients listed in our 'Weight Loss Tips for Cakes' chart below for the higher calorie ingredients.

Diet Bites's Low Calorie Recipe for Dynamite Chocolate Butter Cake

You will need:

1 box of chocolate cake mix
2 whole eggs

2 Tablespoons of butter or margarine
3/4 cup of cool water

Pour mix into a deep mixing bowl. Add the eggs and the melted butter which has been brought to room temperature after the melting process (or you'll cook your eggs!). Next, add the water and mix for about 2 minutes - or until batter is smooth.

You can use traditional cake pans, but to ensure the most accurate calorie content, we suggest making cupcakes OR a single-layer cake using a spring-form pan. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until cake is done.

Dust with powdered sugar after cake has thoroughly cooled (or your sugar will melt). 1/10th of the recipe contains about 250 calories, but take note that these calories will vary depending upon which brand of cake mix is used.

Weight Loss Tips for Cakes


Instead of these Ingredients:
Butter or Margarine
Use these lower calorie Ingredients:
Mashed or Pureed Fresh Fruits
Dried Fruits
Sour Cream (light or regular)
Cream Cheese, light variety


Instead of these Ingredients:
Whole Eggs
Egg Yolks
Use these lower calorie Ingredients:
Egg Substitute
Egg Whites
When recipe calls for more than 2 eggs, substitute the whites for the whole egg when possible. (3 eggs equals 2 eggs + 1 egg white)


Instead of these Ingredients:
Whole Milk
Use these lower calorie Ingredients:
Unsweetened Fruit Juices
Skim Milk
2% Milk
Fat Free Milk
Flavored Coffees or Teas
Water + your favorite extract AND/OR your favorite ground spices.

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