Why do we need fats?

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Should Fats be Trimmed When Trimming Pounds?

Although it's a healthful idea to trim fats in the daily diet, cutting out fats totally may lead to 'all things horrid' such as a bald head.

Fat is even part of the dependable American Food Pyramid, although minimal consumption is recommended.

The reason why lipids should be held to a minimum is because they are extreme in caloric content and are well-connected to creating health issues, particularly those involved with the arteries and heart.

Most Sources of Energy Contain Lipids

Another reason why minimal consumption is suggested is because almost-all foods contain some level of lipids. Let's list a few along with their total fat gram content:

Grapefruit: 1 cup of sections contains 0.23 grams.
Cucumbers: 1 cup of slices with the peel contains 0.12 grams.
Rice Cakes: 1 contains 0.25 grams.

All of the above selections are considered as super-healthy choices for the strictest of weight loss plans. Yet all contain traces of fat; because most of the foods that we consume do contain such - it adds up over the course of the day as we choose them for our snack times and meal plates.

Fat is necessary because of the following:

It cushions vital organs within the body, protecting them damage.

It supports healthy nails and skin; it paints the sheen in our hair and it aids in the digestive process.

Tips for Keeping the Lid on Lipids

When addressing health issues and problems, it's best to return to our trusted roots - the American Food Pyramid. Begin by breaking up the Food Groups and identifying hot spots where fat can get in and discover solutions for making the healthiest selections possible.

Grain Group: Pasta, Rice, Breads, Tortillas (flour and corn)

Fruit & Vegetable Groups: Fresh, frozen, canned and dried.

Protein Group: Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Nut Butters, Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, Turkey and other animal proteins.

Dairy Group: Milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, all varieties of cheese.

When we look at all the foods housed within these groups we can see almost right away that it's not so much the foods, rather what we combine them with. Let's look at pasta. When whole grain is chosen, it's a very healthy choice. But when we turn it into macaroni and cheese, we invite unhealthy fats onto our meal plates.

Keep in mind that there are different types of lipids, some more healthy than others. Many food selections contain a distribution of all lipids.

Two to keep an eye on and to limit whenever possible are saturated and Trans. Both are generally found in fast food menu selections. These can contribute to belly fat, weight gain and also with the blockages involved in the circulatory system.

When dealing with these two in particular, be certain to be a good label checker before digging in. Keep your fat trim and by doing such, you'll keep yourself trim or you'll certainly have a much easier time getting there.

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