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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

If you're searching for the Best Daily Diet we hope that you'll bookmark this page.

Our Daily Diet Journal contains an entry for every day of the year and includes weight loss tips, dieting advice, low calorie recipes for your weight loss plan and diet motivation.

The Diet Bites Daily Diet Journal also Includes our personal daily diet menus and tips for a healthier lifestyle - which perhaps can even assist in adding more quality years to your life.

Discover tiny tricks that can enhance your weight loss diet plan. Learn how to make your current plan best-fit your personal schedule.

Also included is our popular free 30 day diet plan created by Diet Bites.

If you are seeking weight loss support - park your mouse here anytime you please.

Simply go to the months you wish to view and tap on any date within the Daily Diet Journal Calendars.

Diet Bites will give it all she has to help you achieve your weight loss goals and dreams. And yes - dreams can come true! If you're a regular reader of this site then you know about my permanent weight loss success story in losing over 100 pounds - more than one-half of my body weight going on two decades ago.

I was fat, I was miserable, I was unhappy because I was allowing my obesity issues as well as my eating addition to rule my life. I felt totally out of control - and a bit lost and overwhelmed.

But I drove my little vehicle ahead - onward up the curvy paths to the less curvy paths (and hips and thighs) until I found what I was looking for: permanent weight loss success.

I almost crashed the car several times but I had something that money could not buy; motivation.

During the entire diet, I never lost that - and that's why I succeeded.

Even today, I remain motivated to keep the weight off forever.

Whether you have health reasons, an ageing body that would feel better without those extra unhealthy pounds - or if you're just seeking to drop pounds safely, I know what you face in dieting. I've been there, done that - and have moved on, but not totally.

I remain at these gates waiting for anyone who is willing to pass through them and enter into the crazy world of dieting; I'm here to hold your hand, pat your shoulder - to support you and encourage you in every way imaginable. I'm here for you and that is the foundation of Diet Bites.

I want you to benefit from my weight loss mistakes, as well as from my weight loss success - and I want you to lose weight so you'll be healthier and live longer - and yes, have a much higher quality of life.

On that note, welcome to Diet Bites if you have never been here before - and hello again my friend if you have or if you are a frequent reader. What makes this site different from the other dieting sites is that I know what you're going through - and I know how to help you get to where you want to be; a thinner, healthier you. And together we can do this.

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