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Dieting on All-Hallow's Eve

How will you do on your diet plan today?

Will you opt for gobbling all of the goodies left behind by the goblins? Or can you resist so that your diet plan can survive another day?

Take note that it's very difficult to try to lose weight amid celebratory occasions - but it's only Halloween. Soon, we'll be tempted to the fullest as Thanksgiving Day arrives.

Once it is here, people tend to eat freely throughout December and start a new fat reduction plan the first of the year.

But because the belly has been stretched and the body is used to consuming more foods - and any type that we choose, it makes losing that much more challenging.

So keep this in mind if you start to feel like you might go astray.

The Halloween Party, Resisting Foods That Will Cause Weight Gain

Our adorable 13-year old niece is having a Halloween bash and we were invited. It's the first Halloween party that our family has had since my father passed away over two years ago - so it's very important to make it special. And it was - but it didn't start out that way....

That niece of ours is a whiz at party planning, even at her young age. She has a list of games and activities planned as well as a party menu. BUT as I said above -   it wasn't smooth sailing.

Because we were extremely tuckered from our fall driving trip, and the party was over 100 miles there and back, we initially told her that Uncle Tom and I would be unable to attend.

She sounded so down that it broke my heart. She also said that her mother had to work late this evening and along with a few more family members who were unable to attend, her party had whittled down to about 12 people.

So after talking with Tom we decided that we needed to buckle up our boot straps and make the party! No need to allow 100 miles to put a damper on things.

When we showed up a couple of hours before the party began, the smile on her face was priceless. She ran and hugged us both, unable to contain herself. And I must say that her party was an awesome bash!

The ups and downs that my niece faced reminded me of weight loss.

Just as things are running smoothly along, something always rears up and pops our balloon - and we go drifting in another direction OR crash to the ground and end up in a roaring inferno. No fun at all.

Given these situations, we can either run without turning to look back or we can readjust our sails and continue on our Weight Loss Journey.

And I can personally attest that it isn't easy readjusting those sails....

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