Polish Sausage Hotdog Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Making Hotdogs Using Polish Sausage

Whether we're camping or at home, we really enjoy making sausage dogs. They are eons tastier than when prepared with franks.

Recipe Ingredients for Polish Sausage Hotdogs

1 ring of link sausage, Polish variety - lean as possible
hot dog buns, extra fresh
hot dog sauce
mustard, ketchup
finely shredded cheese, low fat variety - we like the jalapeno or pepper jack
relish OR Salsa Verde

How to Prepare Our Polish Sausage Hotdogs

Cut the sausage into lengths that will fit on your hot dog buns. We cut our very thin. Place onto a sheet of tin foil and cook in a toaster or regular oven until the sausage is nice and hot.

As a note, it comes fully cooked - so it just needs to heat well throughout.

Next, transfer to a bun that has been heated as preferred. Top with warmed hot dog sauce, a line of mustard and/or ketchup and Salsa Verde. Sprinkle with finely shredded cheese if desired.

Feels Good to Be Home

We sure enjoyed our leaf peeping trip - and all of the camping out we did. But it's back to the daily grind - but oh my it is so good to be back home. I feel a bit like Dorothy - 'There's no place like home." Sometimes the rainbow is in our own backyard.

As I sift through the small amount of photos that I took on our trip, I realized that we did indeed have fun. Whether it was worth the vast amount of driving that we did - I don't know. And I had expected to get beautiful photos of the fall foliage which unfortunately, never materialized.

Diet Sausage RecipeEven today as I read the 'Official' fall foliage report put out by the state of Arkansas, I am scratching my head. They are predicting peak conditions for the coming weekend.

Frankly, I would be quite shocked if that happened given the heavy amount of green which we encountered only yesterday.

'Peak' means that the colors are at their prettiest - that they will only deteriorate from that point. Given such, in order to have 'peak' it is sensible to say that there should be colors in the area now - not just hints of color. Of course, colors can change overnight but that is highly unlikely.

As with weight loss, there are so many interpretations.

For some weight loss plans, weight loss at a fast rate may be ten pounds per week while with  other weight loss plans it may equal one pound per week.

As to our trip, getting away from home from time-to-time can be very healthy to one's outlook. Home looks so much better than it did before our trip.

And one doesn't need to spend a fortune to get away. Camping can save big bucks and is a memorable and fun experience - as long as the bears, mosquitoes and other pesky insects keep at bay!

Cooking outdoors can also be fun. In the coming days I hope to be testing some campfire recipes that offer flavor as well as healthy benefits. I also hope to experiment with holiday recipes that are low in calories and fat content so if you're trying to lose weight OR if you're working on maintaining your current weight, I hope that you'll stay tuned.

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