Diet Smoothie Recipes

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Easy Smoothie Recipes For Your Diet Plan

This skinny beverage is very easy to prepare. All you need is reduced fat milk and your favorite frozen fruit. No need to pay lots of money for the concoctions at the market, and they aren't nearly as tasty as the ones that you can prepare at home using the freshest of ingredients.

You can even add extracts and spices to the mix which serve to compliment textures and flavors.

How to Prepare Smoothies

Simply add the ice cold mix to a blender along with the chopped frozen fruit and other ingredients you may prefer and blend.

See how easy that was? And a gallon of milk will make about sixteen smoothie recipes. A large bag of frozen fruit will make more than twice that many. We figure that it costs about 30 cents each to make a delicious smoothie. That's a lot cheaper than a dry, boring rice cake. Tastier too!

Ingredients in Smoothie Blends

Some of our favorite smoothie recipe combinations are as follows:

1. Frozen banana, milk, rum extract, spoon of brown sugar.

2. Frozen strawberries, milk, strawberry extract, vanilla extract and a spoon of sugar. You can even purchase the strawberry powder and prepare strawberry milk for an added burst of flavor.

3. Frozen blueberries, and milk plus vanilla or Italian coffee creamer.

Fall Trip Adventure, a Story Relating to Weight Loss

Tom and I saw so many wonderful sights as we made our way along the Illinois border - like the flock of pelicans floating along the Mississippi River.

There were hundreds if not thousands of pelicans just drifting along the river at a lazy pace.


From there we made our way to Elephant Rocks State Park.

A photo of both the park and the pelicans are below and the park is reminiscent of the colors we encountered - brilliant reds, pinks, golds and a lot of green.

Obviously the colors are slow in arriving this year.

The walk through the park was fabulous.

The gentle rain had revolved into a light mist and the atmosphere had 'Cool Fall Day Walk Through The Woods' written all over it.

Although we weren't encountering a plethora of fall colors, there were pockets along the way - such as at Elephant Rocks.

Weight loss is a bit like this.

We start out on our journey expecting 'this or that' but as time progresses and we get further along in our journey, things often don't pan out as we had planned.

We must either make the best of things or the worst of things.

Many times, we must alter our course to be successful.

Mistakes are often made - setting our weight loss progress back a few steps BUT if we remain focused and determined in our quest for weight loss - we will succeed!

Today had been both exciting and grueling. Both my husband Tom and I were experiencing fatigue. Even when one is having a blast, stress and fatigue can enter into the picture. And we had walked at least a thousand miles on this fall-like, misty day.

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