Colorful Foods for Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pretty Plate Equals Happy Dieter

Most of the time we 'eat with our eyes and not our stomach'. When our meal plate looks beautiful - it's more likely going to taste good. Put the same food on an ugly plate, and it's likely to not taste so flavorful.

In addition, it's not just the eating utensils, bowls and plates that matter to the eyes - it's also the colors of our food.

Look at the following two menus and see which one you would prefer to eat:

Menu 1, The bland looking plate.

1/2 a chicken breast, boiled
1 cup of cauliflower
1/2 cup of cottage cheese
1 single serving of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of reduced fat milk

Menu 2, The attractive looking plate.

1/2 a chicken breast, roasted
1/2 cup of green beans
1 slice of dark rye bread
1/2 cup of pickled beats
1/2 cup of steamed carrots
1/2 cup of wild rice
1/2 cup of whole strawberries
1 cup of reduced fat milk

Fall Trip Notes, Opportunity for Exercise & Adventure

For the last few days I've been sharing some notes on our fall trip. It sure has been fun because we don't get to go often due to limited funds. For this trip we headed to Saint Louis - which unfortunately was a madhouse - bumper to bumper traffic for miles on end.

At least the colors were starting to bleed through the area but it was so......odd. Some of the trees appeared past peak, some were at peak and some were still green. Many appeared stressed.

There was no WOW factor. At this point we knew that we had two options:

1. Go further up.

2. Thread our way back home.

We ended up going further up and although we still had not encountered the WOW factor, we decided at this point that we would do best in seeing the area and put the fall colors on the back burner.

Once we reached Hannibal, Missouri we did indeed encounter a couple of trees which we considered WOW.

Those Tasty McDonalds Salads

Because we were traveling with Simon the Ferret, inside dining was not an option so we ended up stopping at McDonalds and ordering two Asian salads which were quite tasty.

Although the salad was ultra low in calories, one must be careful when adding additions such as salad dressing, croutons and slivered almonds. We opted for the low fat Balsamic salad dressing and skipped the croutons and nuts.

After lunch we enjoyed the sites of the city - which appeared to be based on a Mark Twain theme. There was a magnificent red maple around the town square.

As we made our way across the Mississippi, rain settled into the area again, the bluffs lining the Mississippi River as magnificent as the red maple in the town square of Hannibal, Missouri.

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